I am not willing to involve in contest. Please don't invite me for a contest, For hourly or fixed price I am ready.

My name is Subhendu and I am expert of AutoDesk Maya modelling, rigging, animation, and also Unity 3D. I have been working since 2013 as freelancer in different freelancing websites and as well as contactual jobs. I am confident that I will do your project with full efficiency and best of my experience.

Rigging (Cartoon Character)
Rigging (Realistic Character / Game Character)
Motion Capture Animation / Manual Animation
Game Development /Interior
Industrial Designing and Visualizations

I am master of Unity 3D/UE4 ( Import,, adding colliers, Next-Gen lighting, use of maps, designing, realistic terrain create from DEM/ Geo-tiff file, light map/bake / Occlusion culling, Java / Play-maker for level / UI Menus / C# / Java for Game development/Google Cardboard for VR/ Android games.


  • S G B College Technician Engineer, Advance Animation, B.Sc (Science) 1994 graduation

Age: 48

Joined: November 13, 2017


Kolkata, West Bengal, India