Custom 3D Jewelry Design Costs, 3D Modeling Rates and Rendering Pricing

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Today we discuss custom jewelry design costs. Mass-produced jewelry is less expensive than its custom-made counterpart as it only takes one design to manufacture in bulk. On the other hand, custom jewelry requires the jeweler to create unique shapes and details to cater to the client’s preferences, and it may take weeks to finish one design. However, not every custom piece of jewelry is expensive, and you can work with a custom jewelry designer to create something within your budget. 

Custom jewelry design costs

The design cost does not indicate how expensive the manufactured jewelry item will be. For example, a wedding ring without elaborate detail on the band is simple to design, but an exquisite diamond center stone can make up 99.9% of the overall price.

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Custom jewelry design cost
Initial Consultation$100
Preliminary Wax Carving$100 – $200 (complexity dependent)
CAD Drawing$500 (for a simple design)
Wax Model$100
Casting$200 (at least)

Note: some jewelers do not charge a consultation fee if the clients use their service to custom design the jewelry. 

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The jeweler creates a detailed digital design model during the CAD drawing phase that is identical to the shape and dimension defined by the client. The 2D to 3D modeling expert will then ensure the file is 3D-printed to build a plastic or wax replica. The slightest mistake, either during CAD or the printing process, is not acceptable. The client cannot request design changes at this stage because it means starting the work over again. The design process ends with a plastic/wax replica as the outcome unless the client wants the model transformed into actual jewelry. In that case, the replica is encased in plaster to make a mold.

Once the mold is ready, the next step is metalworking. A molten material (gold, silver, platinum, or an alloy of the client’s intended specifications) is poured into the mold to cast the jewelry. As with every custom-made item, no two personalized jewelry pieces are identical. The complexity level becomes the primary factor used to determine the design cost. For example, an elaborate engagement ring with several accent stones on each side of the main stone is more difficult to design than a simple wedding band.

Suppose the jewelry features complex patterns with locks, clasps, and curves. Then its design price increases accordingly. The same thing applies to stone quantity as it requires the concept design and product development designer to create a nesting spot for all of them. Some designs, such as Channel and Bezel settings, do not need a set of prongs to hold each stone, while Pave and Tiffany settings use multiple prongs to keep the stones in place. However, it does not always mean designs without prongs are more affordable than the alternatives because every stone shape has intricacy.

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Design Process

Every jeweler has a unique approach to the profession, but the design process generally goes through the same progression path.

  1. Consultation: the first thing that happens is a discussion between a client and jeweler about a potential custom jewelry project. The client usually brings several images to show multiple versions of the intended design. A big part of the consultation is the budget. Based on the images and detailed description, the jeweler should be able to hand-draw some rough sketches and wax carvings.
  1. CAD drawing: the jeweler will produce several sketches and send them to the client. It may take a few more days of discussion and revisions until the client approves. The chosen sketch will be the basis for the CAD drawing expert to make a CAD drawing, which is the most time-consuming phase of the design process.

To produce an accurate image, the client has to provide detailed information about the materials, levels of finish, and stones (including type, quantity, size, and shape). A client may ask the 3D rendering company for a rendering of the 3D model, so they can see a photorealistic version of the jewelry to be made. A rendering comes with an additional cost, and a high-quality rendering can cost hundreds of dollars for a complex design. Discuss with the jeweler whether the step is necessary or you can omit the service to save money.

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  1. Wax model: think of a wax model as an early product prototype. Although it may not have precious metals, it is the best physical representation of custom jewelry; the wax model is a replica. Once the rapid prototyping service is finished with the replica, you can check if the design feels comfortable and the size is accurate.
  1. Casting: casting is not part of the design process, and the jeweler only moves forward with this step if the client decides to produce the jewelry. 

The next phase in line is casting and finishing. A gem-setter will put each stone in place, and the metal is textured and completed as specified by the client. Before the project is officially done, there will be a final inspection to ensure the design is accurate. 

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Final product

Every custom jewelry design is a unique new product created by a 3D product modeling designer that has never been produced previously. Even if you copy a similar design from a mass-produced item, there is an assurance that the jewelry receives the detailed attention and care it deserves. Since you will be involved throughout the design and manufacturing process, the final product will be a custom-personalized item. Suppose the design is unique enough that the final product doesn’t resemble any existing mass-produced jewelry. In that case, you can purchase the copyright from the jewelers and make some more copies.

How Cad Crowd can assist

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