6 New CAD Projects from the Design Gallery

watch jewelry design

It’s always fun to see what kind of CAD projects have been uploaded to the Cad Crowd gallery! Our community of engineers, CAD drafters, 3D modelers, and product designers are always updating their portfolios with incredible design projects they’ve been working on. Every now and then we like to show off some of these awesome designs here in the blog. And so, without further ado, here are 6 new CAD projects from the Cad Crowd gallery!

1. W16 Engine 3D Modeling Design by ravi sharad

engine 3d modeling

This incredible rendering consists of 1250 parts, 2450 mates, 7 subassemblies and 1 major assembly. A comprehensive and realistic rendering of an IC engine. Just as in any art, attention to detail is what makes a CAD model stand out as an exceptional piece of work. As this one surely does.

2. Unmanned Aviation System CAD Drafting & Design by Kathiravan

unammed aviation system

We see so many quadcopter drone designs, it’s easy to forget UAVs can come in different shapes! This remotely controlled flying vehicle seems a bit more utilitarian in form than your average consumer grade camera drone. Sleek and minimalist, it’s reminiscent of the B-2 stealth bomber.

3. Bike Trailer 3D Modeling Design by MICHAEL DIMOU

bike trailer cad design

This super adorable and slick bike trailer would be awesome for towing anything from kids to groceries to anything in between. The biggest challenge here would be finding a bike that was cool enough to match it! The swinging bars serve the double function of keeping the lid attached and serving as a bit of a restraining device for any passengers that might be hitching a ride.

4. Asymmetrical Internal Combustion Engine Engineering Design by Dimitrios Ntritsos

experimental internal combustion engine

Here’s another example of an engine design, this one a bit less conventional. This experimental asymmetrical engine is intended for applications where placement restraints prevent the use of conventional engine designs. Pretty interesting piece of design work.

5. Luxury Watch 3D Modeling Design by Anasbar17

watch jewelry design

This gorgeous 3D rendering almost looks like a photograph. Superbly detailed, from the shading on the numbers to the ridges on the knob. The design itself is excellent as well, a truly unique timepiece with an unconventional raised face. It would make a good conversation piece.

6. Mini Beer Keg Drone Attachment 3D Printing Design by Cad Geek

drone mini keg

Well, that’s a pretty unique application for drones that I bet you hadn’t thought of. Imagine these things hovering about the place, dispensing liquid courage from the skies. Probably something you’d be more likely to see in Europe… A truly innovative (and perhaps a bit flighty) creative design project.

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