5 Inspiring Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

chess set 3d modeling design

Cad Crowd’s community of CAD artists and 3D designers represents the best design talent you can find on the net! Here again is a recap of just some of the jaw-dropping design work that has recently been uploaded to the Cad Crowd 3D model library.

1. House Architectural Design by Kayoo.ind

House Architectural Design 3d modeling

Look at that attention to detail! Don’t you just want to fall right into that image? How cozy does that place look? The vines overhanging the wall, the lighting on the columns of the pagoda, and that beautiful sunset! Goodness. Makes you feel nostalgic for a place you’ve never even been to! An amazing piece of architectural design and 3D modeling.

2. Intake Assembly for a Formula Car Engineering Design by Luisdamed

Intake Assembly Automotive Design Engineering

First of all, that’s some impressive 3D modeling, there. Top-notch rendering. But this 3D model is actually fully complete, with internal components and parts. See the link above to see the exploded view. A totally pragmatic automotive design project, it just goes to show how skillful 3D rendering can make even the most mundane objects things of beauty! Intake assembly as art.

3. Concept Street Bench Product Design by rob@neontoad

Concept bench Product Design 3D cad modeling

Look at that bench! How many times have you ever thought that when you saw a bench? This fine bench looks a lot better than most benches you’ll see out in the world, and it looks way more comfortable, too! Expert product design can take even the most familiar things to a whole new level.

4. Black & Gold Pendant Product Design by Jan Sunaryanto

Black and gold pendants jewerlry design

These things are pretty cool. Kind of steampunk, kind of fantasy, these unique pendants show some creative jewelry design talent. If they were made to be a bit larger they would also make a cool decoration for your house, or maybe even for a Christmas tree. These ornate orbs could be used for so much!

Chess Set 3D Modeling Design by Dmytro_Fedorenko

chess set 3d modeling design

Chess sets are always interesting. Like classic poetry, the designer is limited to a strict set of design parameters. But there’s so much room for creativity within those restrictions! The rooks in this chess set are particularly interesting, with their grid-like tops in place of the more conventional turret style. Of course, the gold accents on the queens and kings is nice, too! Sleek and modern.