Four Exciting Crowdsourcing CAD Design Contests

Foxy Electric Unicycle Design Competition

It’s time again for a recap of some of the exciting crowdsourced design contests currently open on Cad Crowd! These contests are closing soon and are still accepting submissions, so get inspired, designers!

1. Foxy Electric Unicycle — 3D Modeling Design by Crozycki — Under $799

Foxy Electric Unicycle Design Competition

You may have noticed that we now live in the future, though it maybe wasn’t the future the 1980s had envisioned. The hoverboards that took us all by storm this past winter weren’t exactly what hoverboards were supposed to be. But that’s no reason to lose hope in futuristic personal transportation!

This design contest is looking for a fun, futuristic electric unicycle design to bring some more interesting products to the field. Designers have been challenged to incorporate a fox into the design, as shown by this polygonal, retro-futuristic design by Crozycki. Check out the contest page for more innovative proposals.

2. Fancy Accent Piece — 3D Modeling Design by mohammed shamsuddin — Under $799

Accent Piece Product Design Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing can be a great way for individuals to find design solutions for their own personal projects. This design contest requires that a scanned object be transformed into a beautiful, accurate 3D model that can be recreated on the buyer’s own CNC router.

This project shows how crowdsourcing can be used to access software of skills that a designer or design team might lack themselves. Why buy everything yourself when you can draw on an expert community of designers at your fingertips?

3. Food Truck Park — CAD Drafting & Design by Decker — Under $799

Food Truck Park CAD Drafting and Design Challenges

All design challenges present their own unique set of problems. A food truck park calls for all sorts of creative problem solving! How do you get the trucks in and out in an orderly way? How do you maximize exposure for each truck? How do you keep patrons interested, hungry, and comfortable?

The biggest design challenge in this project isn’t mechanical or electrical — it’s all about people! Perhaps the most confounding design challenges of all. If only people obeyed mechanical laws.

4. Practical Medical Bin & Cover — Medical Devices Design by REDA — Under $799

Medical Bin and Cover Medical Devices Design Contests

When it comes to designing new medical devices, practicality usually trumps all other design concerns. This design contest challenges designers to come up with a unique and realistic functional design for a medical bin with a removable cover with the lowest number of parts and overall cost. The goal is to design a cost-effective, practical container while reducing the lid opening space.


Each of these contests is still accepting entries! If you’re looking to post your own competition, head over to our Design Contests page. Take a look at some of our articles on design contests. And when you’re ready, launch your own competition!