I am a recently graduated automotive designer (1st class) who believes that my personal, academic skills and automotive design expertise perfectly link together to make me a great candidate for any job in the automotive, transport and product design industry.
My designing skills have been developed though my BA (hons) in Automotive & Transport Design. The main design and creative skills that I have used are hand and digital sketching, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Alias Autodesk and VRED.
These design skills have been further developed in my final year projects. By using my creative and environmentally friendly mentality, I can efficiently merge design and technology together. For example, I have worked on a self-sustained hypercar which will be powered by solar and wind energy and designed to reach the highest level of efficiency and performance. This will be possible by using simultaneously intelligent design and aesthetic simplicity which constantly addresses aerodynamics and effectiveness. The design features high-end technology and a body created to get as much solar and wind energy as possible.
The process that I follow in my projects is the usual for any car design development in industry. Firstly, I come up with an idea from existing inspiration or by acknowledging a gap or target market not covered yet. I then complete some research and start roughly hand sketching my ideas which I later refine with more defined hand and Photoshop sketches. After that, I create orthographic views and the package drawings in order to start modelling the concept in Alias Autodesk. Once done, I render the model in VRED and I also create some final Photoshop renderings and am therefore confident of my skills in using the Adobe suite of packages especially Photoshop.
My personal skills, I believe, make me highly suited to the design and automotive industries as I always pursue creativity and innovation together with a hard working attitude and a quest for excellence. I like to push myself to improve through practice, observing others and learning from my surroundings. My observation skills and ability to synthesise ideas plus my mature and calm nature, gives me a strong problem solving capacity with a responsible point of view. For example, the issue I spotted in my final year motorcycle project was that if the engine modifications were not complemented by corresponding body design alterations, then optimum performance would never be achieved. This sort of creative inspiration is something that I routinely bring to my work.
As seen in my final course project, I am an innovative person who is passionate about creating new ways of futuristic mobility in consonance with the environment. I am also an enthusiastic person who likes to get involved. I can comfortably adapt to any situation and love to learn from others, which perfectly links up with my capacity of working as part of a team. Due to this dedication, I easily achieve good results on whatever I work on.
I am self-organised, proactive and resilient and during my final year I combined adapting to the change in my degree course from face to face to online studies due to the COVID restrictions; but I also managed multiple deadlines, a final year design project whilst working on a part time project creating a 3d model using Alias Autodesk as a commission piece for an artist colleague.
I am a self-confident and persuasive person who likes to debate with respect and understanding of other’s opinions, and as such I am a skilled, multi-lingual (Spanish, English and Basic French) communicator and leader.
I also consider myself an open-minded person with an international upbringing. For example, moving away from home has developed my confidence in personal and professional aspects.

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  • University Of Wales Trinity St Davids BA(Hons) Automotive Design, Design, 1st 2018 – 2021 Activities and Societies: Football team I have succesfully graduated with a 1st on Automotive design. The main design and creative skills that I have used are hand and digital sketching, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Alias Autodesk and VRED.
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