Global rank:
7,308 / 42,616
Skill pts: 5


My top skill is CAD designing in Autodesk Inventor. I have over 4 years of experience working in Inventor and I believe that I could learn more through more projects.

I have 2 years of professional experience in 3D modeling. For 1 year I was designing a manipulator for NDT inspection of the nuclear power plant and I went to Russia on an inspection with company manipulators.

Currently, I work for Proel automatizacija and in less than a year was working on the IRI project(Roboto station for cutting doors of electrocabinet. At the moment I am the lead designer of small machine for visual control of bottles and I am working on bag filling machine and gripper for manipulations bags.

For my Master thesis, I was developing a 5 axis education robot (design, inverse, and direct kinematics, GUI).

Other then CAD designing I am making simulations of processing lines and robot manipulations in Inventor and RoboDK. In college, I hade opportunity to work with Fanuc robots and RoboGuide.


  • Mechancial Engineer Proel Automatizacija · Full-time Sep 2019 – Present 2 yrs 1 mos Zagreb, Croatia Working on Robot Station For Cabinet Milling - PROEL Roca: programing robot from tool changing, upgrading mechanical parts, developing a system for cooling, developing a system for changing tools, mounting MULTIFUNCTIONAL GATE BOX and Safety Light curtains

    Working on Demo station for fair: designing the station, test PLC program for motors

    Working a system for control barcode HAL42 aerosol. I was a lead engineer for mechanical design.

    Working on the Mepron project. I was the lead engineer for the mechanical design of gripper and system for filling bags.

    Small projects like quick designs, encoder carrier, simulations in RoboDk...
  • Mechancial Engineer HRID NDT · Full-time Sep 2018 – Sep 2019 1 yrs Zagreb, Croatia I was a mechanical engineer at HRID-NDT and in less than one year I managed to work on and with 10 systems that HRID-NDT developed. I was doing small upgrades and was developing a crane for one of the systems.


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb Master of Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics, 3.8 2013 – 2019 Master thesis : Edukacijski robot s pet stupnjeva slobode gibanja. = Educational robot with five degrees of freedom. Master's thesis (Bologna) , Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje,
    Mentor: Crneković,
    Link : (hidden)
    Projects: Automated line for bending sheet metal, RC car following trajectory

    Robotski manipulator izrađen na 3D printeru
    Robotski manipulator izrađen na 3D printeru (engl. 3D printed robotic manipulator). Undergraduate thesis , Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje. Mentor: Šitum,Željko.