Hi, I'm Andrew. If you can think it, I can make it! I’ve been actively feeding my hunger for mechanical innovation for the last 5+ years and am very excited to branch into the world of freelancing. I’ve leveraged many products all the way from concept to production and implementation. Whether you’re starting fresh with a developing idea, need to modify current designs, or generate some clean cut GD&T drawings, I’m your guy!

When we work together, fulfilling your needs is the only priority that matters. I will communicate with you as much as we decide necessary, and I will never be afraid to reach out to you if I believe extra input is needed from you. A common trope among engineering type minds is shy away from conversation and complete the project strictly the way we believe it should be done. I firmly dissociate myself from this trope, any work I do is worthless if it does not suit your needs. The customer is always number 1!

All of my engineering design work has occurred in small companies and my own personal ventures. I have completed contract work for 2 different companies (1 of which I still work for). For both of these companies, I designed machinery, generated drawings, created BOM’s, communicated with suppliers, communicated with manufacturers, and oversaw complete production of the machines I personally designed, or designed with a team.

I’ve personally written and filed 4 Non-Provisional Patents & 3 Provisional Patents with the USPTO. Two of these pending patents I am currently working to build profitable businesses around. I have a fundamental understanding of the factors that go into turning a product into a business including marketing, competition, scalability, cost reduction, manufacturability, visual appearance/packaging, etc. Good product design is essential, but it is key to consider how that design affects all other aspects of the business in order to implement the best plan possible.

As an added benefit to my engineering and creative skills, I am skilled in conveying complex thoughts into clear writing if you should have any need for documentation / reports / proposals for any of your business needs. Let’s talk and see if we can make a good fit together!


  • IUPUI Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering 2018 graduation