Gil Wéry
Global rank:
2,086 / 43,625
Skill pts: 12


I studied electromechanical engineering in Belgium and I fell in love with design engineering during my internships at Winner SCS (ultralight helicopter manufacturer). After that I worked for Ion Beam Application (a medical accelerator manufacturer) as a Field Service Engineer. This gave me the opportunity to experience the field and therefore to know what a design engineer should never do, forget the manufacturing process and the ease of assembly. I also designed several tools while I was there in order to improve the servicing of some part or to speed up the optimisation process of the cyclotron.
After that experience I left IBA to discover New Zealand and I wanted to come back the design engineering with the plus of knowing the field.


  • ECAM Brussels Master of Sciences in electromechanical engineering, Electromechanical 2015 graduation