Global rank:
2,750 / 82,530
Skill pts: 10



I'm Mahesh Rathva, a B.Tech Mechanical Engineering student at Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College. I bring a blend of academic excellence and practical skills to the table.

Proficient in CAD/CAM and MATLAB, I specialize in SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Solid Edge, and Onshape. My hands-on experience extends to crafting diverse 3D models with precision and efficiency.

My passion lies in tackling real-world challenges innovatively. I've showcased this in various projects, including characterizing a Portable Cooling System and leading the WaveZen project to semifinalist status in the AAKRUTI Event.

Active participation in events like SIH and ROBOFEST 3.0, where I contributed to a finalist team, demonstrates my dedication to teamwork and problem-solving.

I'm eager to bring my skills and drive for innovation to your project. Let's collaborate for success.

Best regards,
Mahesh Rathva

Design Entries


  • Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya Engineering College B.TCH, Mechaical Engineering, C 2020 – 2024 Activities and Societies: The Robotics Society of India (TRS BVM), Bachpan NGO, Kho-Kho, Hockey, and Football. I am a member of TRS where I have gained valuable knowledge in Fusion 360 software, robotics, 3D printing, and various technical skills.

    Additionally, I dedicate my time to teaching at Bachpan NGO, assisting students from 6th to 10th grade who cannot afford tuition due to financial constraints.

    In my leisure time, I enjoy playing Kho-kho, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, and engaging in online chess matches.

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