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Need some 3D printed parts, or a design but don't want to be charged an arm and a leg? Feel free to reach out even if you don't have any CAD data! Just an idea or a sketch is all you need.

With experience and access to programs such as SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Fusion360, etc. I can help you turn your designs into reality! I have 4 FDM printers and 4 SLA machines, and I would love to give others the chance to have some things printed at a relatively low cost. I can work with regular plastics/resins (PLA, PETG, ABS, etc.) , some engineering plastics/resins (nylon, reinforced filaments, etc.), and even flexible filaments/resins (TPU, polypropylene, etc.) Post-processing can be done if needed! I have a few sample pictures of my materials, but I'm constantly buying new ones and using up the old ones, so don't be afraid to ask! Whether you need help with a design or want something printed, just shoot me a message with what you're thinking and we'll work out a price :)