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Cad Crowd offers the best talent for the proper reverse engineering services. We will connect you to a qualified, licensed engineer who has the talent and skill to properly reverse engineer a product or item to meet your needs. At Cad Crowd, we vet all freelance reverse engineering technicians to ensure that they are fully qualified to do the job. In this manner, we take the guesswork out of hiring online thanks to our services.

Reverse engineering, sometimes called back engineering, is the process of pulling the knowledge from the design of an already created item or product. In essence, it is taking something that is established, pulling it apart, and finding out how it works so that more of these items can be produced. The process itself is fairly straightforward, but it takes an experienced technician skilled in reverse engineering to figure out how something works and can be duplicated.

Items that are subject to reverse engineering include mechanical and electrical components, computer programs, or any organic, biological or chemical matter than can be studied, pulled apart, and put back together again. The process involves analyzing and testing components in order to discover how they operate and work together when it comes to creating a particular item, program, or product.

Reverse engineering can be quite beneficial to companies, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in finding out how something that has already been created works. This most common reasons for reverse engineering services include designers who have lost or forgotten how what they have created works, companies who want to discover how particular products on the market operate, and in computer programming it is very beneficial in terms of preventing malware or viruses from penetrating systems so that it can be detected and prevented.

Items, products, or programs that are purchased by an entity from a competitor can be reverse engineered legally as long as any patented or protected material is not used in a new product. This is often done to figure out just how a new product or program operates so that the information discovered can be used as the basis for improvement.

There are many advantages to reverse engineering for a wide spectrum of industries. From information gathering to recovering old designs to finding ways to make improvements and more, you can greatly benefit the services provided by the knowledge and skills of a technician skilled in this craft.

Cad Crowd is a community consisting of thousands of technicians and design professionals from around the world looking to market their services, skills, and abilities in many different areas. The advantage of obtaining reverse engineering services from our company is that you pay a fraction of the cost compared to doing the work yourself or even going to an established firm. Just tell us about the reverse engineer project you want completed. We will evaluate your needs and connect you with the best qualified engineer who will provide you with a free estimate for their services. You can get started today and work with the best technicians and engineers in the industry for a very low, affordable price that fits your budget.


tsalpha US in Brookfield
Member Since: 2012-05-14
Pattern Maker by trade, since 1981, specializing in the pump/impeller industry.  I have 15 years experience creating 3D models for manufacturing using the latest CAD/CAM software.  I also have a Faro digitizing arm for reverse engineering.  Design experience includes, converting 2D legacy blueprints into 3D models, design of  tooling for the casting industry, mold design for injection molding industries, and design of one off prototypes for R&D. 
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Ivan Zerpa
Ivan Zerpa VE in Caracas
Member Since: 2014-08-28
Mechanical engineer and industrial designer. I have experience in a CAD modelling, mechanical drawing, renders, using 3D scanning (Creaform) and reverse engineering using Geomagic software. I have knowledge in manufacturing processes (milling, turning, sheet metal, welding, etc)
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Io Design
Io Design US in San Francisco
Member Since: 2015-10-28
My Outlook: Every product design project starts out as puzzle made up of semi-opaque pieces. The pieces… market analysis, competitive analysis, price points, innovation, differentiation, aesthetics, concinnity, function, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, costs, users, and clients. These and other considerations assemble into a design language that makes your product unique, pertinent, and targeted in the marketplace… a tangible object of desire and promise... a picture that makes sense. Every product wants to be something… to be desired and realize its potential, in many ways and from many perspectives. I strive to stimulate desires and extract potential… solve the puzzle. My clients' success ensures my own and realizing that desire and potential benefits us both. My Experience: I use my degree in industrial design as a product designer covering a wide variety of products. I have 15+ years of 3D modeling and product development experience. I have the resources to do it all... from concept to point of purchase and everything in-between. My Feedback, received and given: “Steve did great work helping us detail our product for manufacturing. He took the time to really understand the project and its intricacies instead of diving head first and by the end of this job, had an intimate understanding of all the details. He is talented and was willing to research new methods to help meet our stringent product constraints. We went through several discussions and he was excellent at being responsive and keeping things on track. He produced high quality solidworks assemblies and files. Overall he went above and beyond what was expected of him. Highly recommended contractor, A+++” —robocular “Antoine is an outstanding client to work with. He''s quite knowledgeable and organized with clearly established goals coupled with exceptional communication skills. This project had some challenging constraints outside typical manufacturing and product design and development norms, but we worked through these challenges while staying within the target budget for the product. This project was more than I had bargained for, but I relished the challenge and Antoine appreciated the effort I put into it, which made this job particularly satisfying. I hope to work with Robocular again in the future.” —Io-Design “Working with Steve was a pleasure, not only do I think he’s an all-around good guy, but his approach to our project was great. He was able to take our idea and bring all his experience in making it better. Our initial idea was transformed into a product that ended up being cheaper to produce and nicer, while being more practical. We were able to overcome the hurdle we encounter and find solution that made it work! Also, he often came back with a different idea of doing things that were very practical. I Highly recommend him. ” — yvesl “yvesi came to me with the need for a design for a grain dispenser for feeding livestock. As is often the case, he showed me a design from another designer he had hired that didn't meet the product requirements. This design was too large and could not be sold at a profit due to inappropriate and impractical manufacturing processes. Through close collaboration, we came up with a design that is half the size, more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, and is simple to assemble and install. Also, it will be sold at a projected price point that is 10% lower than the competition at a projected 90% profit margin while enjoying relatively low capital expenditures. It was a pleasure working with yvesi on this project and I'm looking forward to working with him again in the future.” —Io-Design “Io-Design was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He provided designs that were exactly what we were looking for and he took into account the manufacturing. I would recommend him to anyone. ” — BlakeGaiser “As mentioned in the job description, Blake works for a company that represents the ultimate, uncompromising audio experience – revolutionary sound; unrivaled comfort and fit; with superior, innovative design in the earphone market. While they are well known among audiophiles and professionals who rely on uncompromising audio, they are less so in the consumer market. This project was part of an effort to update their earphones look, feel, and user experience to the level of their best in class earphone technology... the challenge being that their existing monitors/earbuds were to remain unchanged. Through close collaboration, we came up with a design that practices concinnity with the existing monitors, introduces innovative solutions, targets the consumer market, and enhances brand recognition. Superior design was the point of this project and together we have achieved that goal. Blake is a pleasure to work with and I'm looking forward to the next project.” —Io-Design
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DesignLab IN in Patna
Member Since: 2015-01-23
A Mechanical Engineer with over 9 yrs of exp. in Product design, Design Analysis and FEA Simulations etc.
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yitian CA in Montreal
Member Since: 2015-12-26
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Kevin Dobson
Member Since: 2012-03-27
I have been a mechanically minded person since I was very young building with LEGO, a hobby that continues today. I've always enjoyed old and historical machines, and am railroading fan.I am the owner of Dobson Technical Drawings, a design/drafting company specializing in providing solutions for machine design and production fixture and tooling needs.Education:     Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Analysis - Conestoga College
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Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar IN in Mohali
Member Since: 2012-07-11
Here is the solution for all your requirements no matter what your problem, or how complex design needs. We are a team of talented and experienced design engineers providing end-to-end cost effective and efficient solutions in areas of Engineering Design & CAD (Computer Aided Design). Here we serve all kind of industries for all kind of Engineering design and CAD services with quick turnarounds including 3d modeling, 2d drafting, Photo realistic Rendering, CAD conversions, reverse engineering, Structure design, Sheet metal design. We provide a full range of services in Engg Design & CAD.Our team has the expertise to deliver quick, effective and precise results. The vast professional experience in many different disciplines including Consumer Products, Lighting Design, Medical, Industrial Conveyors, heavy machinery, structural design and Fabrication and Reverse Engineering has equipped us with all necessary knowledge base to provide all the Engineering Design & CAD needs. Edit Service Description Design services which we can offer you are. Drawing Revisions/Updates 2D to 3D Drawing Conversion Photorealistic Renderings Data Conversion from, Pictures, PDF, Sketches, Prototypes and Illustrations to SOLID MODELS using SolidWorks Services Modules Offered : 1. Proficient and accurate 3d Modeling, 2. Drafting and Detailing for manufacturing drawings. 3. Complex Assembling for bigger projects and Layout based Assembly for structural design., 4. sheet metal design according to actual fabrication. 5. Weldment structural design according to actual fabrication, 6. Surfaces modelling for product designs, 7. Generating pdf or drawings, dxfs faster using Task Scheduler in SolidWorks, 8. Validating the 2d drawings according to the drafting standards using Design Checker in SolidWorks, 9. Photorealistic Rendering using Photo View 360 (Rendering Tool) etc.New Product Design Design software used: SolidWorks 2004 to 2012, AutoCAD 2006 to 2012, Photo View 360 Keyshot Certifications Certified SolidWorks Professional-Advance Surfacing Tools Certified SolidWorks Professional-Advance Mold Design Tools Certified SolidWorks Professional-Core (CSWP) Dassault Systèmes SolidWorksCorporation Certified SolidWorks Professional-Advance Weldmement Tools Certified SolidWorks Professional-Advance Sheet Metal Fabrication Certified SolidWorks Associates (CSWA)
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Blue Ridge Drafting
Blue Ridge Drafting US in East Flat Rock
Member Since: 2016-12-14
Hello. I am an electronics and mechanical engineer who specializes in 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting and its related processes. As a highly motivated professional with a passion for both the technical and artistic sides of engineering I consistently strive for excellence and efficiency. With four years of drafting experience in the manufacturing sector my skills include the following: - Rapid, precise 3D modeling - Neat and attractive renderings - Development of related engineering and manufacturing drawings - Prototype design/development assistance - Reverse engineered building, machine and part drawings Also, my background as an engineer and front line technician gives me a practical perspective when evaluating form, fit, and function. If selected as your CAD specialist I offer timely and accurate engineering and design products while consistently applying my technical, creative, and problem solving abilities to help ensure the best possible outcome for your project.
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Bob US in Hagerstown
Member Since: 2015-07-29
I work for a vending machine and cooler Remanufacturer as an Associate Engineer. I spend most of my time reverse engineering OEM parts to have them made in our sheet metal department to reduce costs utilizing Siemens Solid Edge ST8. I waited a long time before starting my Engineering Education. I spent 10 years working for a solar panel manufacturer in production and process engineering. I then spent 2.5 years working for a local community college in their Alternative Energy Program before landing my current job.
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Rijinraj IN in Kannur
Member Since: 2017-02-22
Freelance Industrial designer from India. I have 4 year's experience in new product design, Mechanical Reverse engineering and Rapid prototyping.
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