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GIS is the computer-based method for collecting, analyzing, managing, and modeling spatial or geographic data. Bringing together this complex information, GIS software enables you to present these data in different ways by creating overlaying maps, where you can filter or query your gathered data based on the spatial relationship or proximity between each element. GIS enables you to create mapping services and display various data that can be useful to your users or become a vital process step in your project success.

GIS engineers can help you to gather these vital data, analyze them and create a database which can be used for geospatial modeling or to create various maps presenting specific elements of your database. Professionals of GIS specialist are highly skilled in different programming languages, like Python and ArcObject, as their processes require them to rely on various kinds of analytic software. They can also automate various processes, and create customized tools and workflows to match your project requirements. Our GIS freelancers can help you to design the way your data are presented.

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Zonoiko Arafat
Member Since: 2012-10-02
A civil engineer by profession
35 points
Member Since: 2013-03-24
I am an Environmental and Civil engineer with extensive experience in designing infrastructures, oriented in Roads and wet utilities. More specifically, i am specialized in: (a) terrain modeling using Civil 3d package of Autodesk (survey point handling, surfaces, post development representations, drainage components - swales, channels, ponds etc) (b) drainage systems, watershed analysis, delineation of basins, design of gravity piping systems, hydraulic modeling (c) quantity surveying using Civil 3d (earthworks, piping systems etc) - QTO manager Tools: Autocad 2D & 3D, Autocad Civil 3d, Infraworks 360, Storm & Sanitary Analysis I have working experiences from projects in Greece and Saudi Arabia
10 points
Member Since: 2014-09-04
A) I am: - a professional civil/structural engineer with 34 years experience in analysing, designing and detailing reinforced concrete, structural steel and wood structures in civil, infrastructure, geotechnical, environmental, structural and building area; studying and designing roads & roadway structures, flood & erosion control structures, water supply & distribution systems, irrigation systems, watershed management systems and master planning. - skilled in project supervision, monitoring, evaluation and control - skilled in cost engineering & estimating - skilled in the use of BIM/CAD/GIS for integrated and fast-tracked project delivery. B) I have a bachelor of engineering degree in civil engineering (B. Eng) and a Master of Business Administration of degree.
5 points
Member Since: 2015-08-19
- Worked with many projects involved in digitization, data cleaning - Symbolization as per cartographic guidelines to prepare presentation maps - GIS desktop application using open source Skills • Cartography, Digitization, Data cleaning & Quality control • AutoCAD development with AutoLISP • Microstation • ArcGIS
5 points
Member Since: 2016-02-01
24 years experience in the Civil Engineering Industry as AutoCAD support and 15 years as a GIS Technician (ArcMap) support.
5 points
Member Since: 2017-01-10
i have 14 years experience Autocad as well as tekla structures. 5 yrs. in gis projects and 9 yrs. Tekla structural steel detailing and modelling. Now i have my own company started at 2015 . we have well skilled manpower in AutoCad. we are looking for long run projects for company as well as employees grouth.
5 points
Member Since: 2017-03-27
Self motivated Geospatial Engineer passionate about attainment of SDGs through continued use of Design Thinking.
5 points
geodefiners designers
Member Since: 2014-01-31
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Member Since: 2015-03-10
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Member Since: 2015-04-26
I am jegatheeswaran. I have 8 years experience in Gis & Auto cad Drafting. I have experience in the following different type of domains: • Creation of 2Dblock or buildings for 3D City Modeling • Electrical and Architectural drawings - Raster to vector convert • Civil Drawings (Floor Plans, Cut section, Elevation and base map) • Parcel Mapping (Cogo, Heads Up and Best Fit methods) • Utility Mapping in Electrical, Gas, Water, Storm and Sewer • Telecom Mapping • Urban Planning (Creating Cartography) • Data extraction, Data migration and Data cleanup in Electrical Utility • Land use classification • Georeferencing raster scans, topo maps and satellite images • River Cross section, long section and layout creation with using survey details • Highway Mapping • Flood or Hydrological Mapping • Planimetric Mapping • Topographic Mapping • Cadastral Mapping • Geological Mapping • Road Navigation • Ortho rectification
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