Global rank:
3,004 / 38,507
Skill pts: 10


I am a product designer with a formal education in mechanical engineering (master degree) who has always been eager to learn and develop himself. My knowledge is quite broad and I can assist clients with all of their different needs, although being broad I would dare to say that my knowledge is also quite detailed and specialized. I work full-time as a freelancer therefore I will always be available for work, communication, feedback and regular updates.

My projects:
- design and stress analysis of an aeroplane medical stretcher bed (Turkish Tecnic, Turkey),
- writing technical documents for stress analysis of aircraft structures (ASELSAN, Turkey),
- various financial spreadsheets (with macros),
- logistics trade software (MVS, C#)
- PINKI Project (as part of the CGP team; the project was awarded as GrabCAD best collaborative model),
- molds for plastic injection (Bekto Precisa, Bosnia and Herzegovina),
- stress analysis of pressure vessels (3dmehanika, Bosnia and Herzegovina),
- design and stress analysis of a composite bicycle frame (master thesis),
- many other projects which where done under NDA agreements and cannot be presented (I actually do respect the NDA agreements and do not promote these projects for this reason).

Software knowledge (I only listed softwares in which I excel, there are many others I know with less proficiency):
- SolidWorks,
- C#,
- MS Office,
- Visual Basic.

Language knowledge:
- Bosnian = mother tongue;
- English = fluent;
- German = fluent;


  • Mechanical Engineering M.S., Machine Design 2015 graduation


Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina