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I have 12+ years of experience of analyzing businesses' internal logistics and storage needs and designing suitable solutions with proposed building, layout, equipment and processes that matches the found needs. I often use 3D flow simulation software when drafting and modelling different alternative solutions during the design phase. The models are used for 2D and 3D visualization and animation to clearly explain and demonstrate for my customers how the designed solutions would look and work. The models are then often used for flow simulation in order to test, analyse and compare resource needs, costs and queuing risks of alternative solutions.

I can help you with:
- The dimensioning and design of a complete warehouse solution including proposed building, layout, material handling and storage equipment and also material flow processes.
- Visualize your ideas of a new warehouse or industrial building with or without layout.
- Turn your 2D sketches or drawings into 3d models with clear and explanatory pictures, animations and movies.
- Visualize and animate your material handling equipment for your internal projects-, sales- or marketing needs.
- Evaluate different internal logistics scenarios with flow simulation; resource needs, operative costs and queuing risks.

I am keen to understand your needs and I always do my utmost to deliver what we have agreed upon with high quality.

Best regards

Magnus Jarnekrantz
MD and Logistics Consultant
Sim Logistics AB


  • The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering and Logistics 2001 graduation

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Lund, Skane Lan, Sweden