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Last updated: Jun 14, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring VFX Compositing Designers

VFX compositing, or the combining of visual effects from different sources into one image, is the process of creating illusions that these different elements are a part of the same original scene. It is used in a variety of settings, including in television studios where green or blue screens are used to bring images or videos to life behind actors or news reporters. It can be done in images as well, and centuries ago before the time of computer aided design programs, was even done on old photographs using their technologies. There are a number of applications for VFX compositing, and at Cad Crowd, we can help you figure out your needs to bring your VFX compositing to life.

VFX compositing takes its form in a variety of different manners, including but not limited to physical compositing, multiple exposure, and background projection. Physical compositing is when different parts of an image are put together in a photographic frame and then recorded in only one exposure. These components become aligned in order to give off the illusion that there is a single image. This is usually seen with partial models and glass paintings being used. Multiple exposure is an in-camera tactic that is made by recording only one section of different film frames, rewinding the film to the exact same starting point and recording the second part over it. Then, the process is completed again and again. The negative will then result with all of the same image.

Background projection is done more with computer aided design programs. Background projection is when the background image on the screen is behind the subjects in the foreground. It makes a composite by concealing the different parts of the background image in order to show all of the parts together as one. Digital matting has become common in the filmmaking industry as of late. It is also done with computer aided design programs along with many others. Digital matting is more efficient and reduces issues such as halos and other things on the edge of the frame that are not wanted. When it is done in the correct manner, it is flawless right down to the single pixels. This allows multi-layer digital composites to be made with ease.

At Cad Crowd, we are dedicated to providing you with access to VFX compositing freelancers who are well versed in this sort of computer aided design. We offer you the chance to work with a global range of freelancers who can see your project through to the end. Each one has been vetted to ensure they can handle the work you ask of them. You can stay in contact with them the entire time they work to ensure that it goes according to your plan. Choose your own VFX compositing expert to hire from the portfolios available, or let us pair you with who we think is best. Either way, get in touch with Cad Crowd today and get a free price estimation now.

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