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FAQ for Hiring Production Optimization Designers

Production optimization is the process of controlling the production process of a product by minimizing or maximizing the production of gas, oil, and water. For instance, you can target the production or maximize the gas and oil while minimizing water. You can also maintain energy in the reservoir while running oil and gas production ratios. There are a number of ways that these might be controlled and optimized, and at Cad Crowd, we offer you the chance to work with professional production optimization freelancers that are skilled in the many ways of achieving production optimization and can help you get the most out of your production processes.

There are three forms of real-time optimization types: model based predictive control, platform level hill climbing performance optimization, and platform level combinatorial performance optimization. Model based predictive control refers to virtual meter models that are put into a model predictive optimizer, which will look for control set points to be used in assisting production, as well as chokes that will minimize, maximize, or target different production objections as you see fit. Because of its quick responses, this solution allows the platform to reach peak production in no time.

Platform level hill climbing performance optimization needs no models and instead changes the different well control set points that are within waits and constraints while measuring performance and then adjusting it again and again in order to optimize production. This is an autonomous optimizing process that helps to increase production gradually over time and is not as swift as the other, though it does change the conditions of reservoirs, platforms and wells automatically.

Finally, there is the platform level combinatorial performance optimization which also needs no models. It is able to more intensely change different well control set points within its constraints and waits while measuring performance and changing them as it sees fit in order to optimize production. It, too, is autonomous and performs a multi-rate platform wide test, which will show it where the peak production can be found.

The benefits of production optimization include up to 20 percent higher production rates without diminishing reservoir energy. It also has the potential to improve upon the recovery on some of the reservoirs and offers a shorter reservoir capturing time, which helps to reduce HSE exposure and reduces operating costs. These are just a few benefits among many, and it is why many people are turning to Cad Crowd to get help with their own production optimization services.

At Cad Crowd, we host a global supply of production optimization freelancers who have been vetted and tested to ensure they know how to complete your project. The freelancers you want to work with can be chosen by you when you browse their portfolios, or you can allow us to match you with who we think is best for your specific project. Whoever is chosen, you can stay in touch with them to keep up to date on their progress. Contact Cad Crowd today for a free, no-obligation price estimate.

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