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Tony  Davis

Tony Davis

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Patil B  Siddaiah

Patil B Siddaiah

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CRATUS Mechanical

CRATUS Mechanical

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Bhagwat Pande

Bhagwat Pande

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  • Electrical Wires Harness Design

Electrical Wires Harness Design

Electrical wire harness design is the process of designing a grouping of wires or electrical cables that are able to send electrical power or transmit signals. These cables are typically bound together using electrical tape, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, a weaving of string, or any other combination. These harnesses are often used in both the construction industry and the automobile industry, and they offer a number of different advantages over having loose wires and cables.

A lot of spacecraft, automobiles, and aircraft have a number of wires that would stretch for miles on end if they were extended all of the way and not in a harness. By putting the wires and cables into the right harness, the wires are able to not only be better placed but are also able to resist against any effects such as moisture, abrasions and vibrations. At Cad Crowd, we can pair you with the best freelance electrical wire harness design experts in the world to get your cables harnessed perfectly.

These sorts of harnesses are often designed based on the electrical and geometric requirements. A diagram will often be provided using a monitor in order for it to be assembled as it needs to be. The wires are first trimmed down to fit into the right length. This usually takes the help of a specially designed wire cutting machine. These cables and wires can also be printed on using a machine that makes them easier to differentiate from one another. Once this happens, the ends of these wires will be stripped, which in turn will expose the core metal of the wires. Those are then fitting with the connector housings and terminals that are required. The cables then become clamped together after assembly according to the specifications of the design. This helps to form the cable harness, and after a conduit, protective sleeve, and/or extrusion yarn has been fitted, the harness is put right onto the structure or it is shipped off to be installed by the owner.

Automating these processes is difficult, and it takes an actual person who knows the ins and outs of electrical wire harness design in order to complete them. Every part has a number of items that cannot be automated and must be completed manually, including putting the wires through the sleeves, taping the fabric in place, inserting one of the sleeves into another sleeve, fastening the wire strands with different tools, and more.

At Cad Crowd, we can take the stress that comes with trying to create these cable harnesses off of you. We offer a huge pool of global talent that is skilled in electrical wire harness design services. Each one has been thoroughly vetted in order to ensure that they are able to complete any project. Stay in contact with the freelancer during the course of the project to stay in the know on its progress until it is delivered back to you on time and within your budget. Contact Cad Crowd for a free quote now.

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