How to Use 360 Degree Product CGI to Market Your Products

How to Use 360 Degree Product CGI to Market Your Products

There are plenty of 3D visualization practices that can be used for marketing. Among the most widely used are animation and freelance photorealistic rendering services working on 3D models. At its core, an animation is a type of video that communicates what the product is, why you need it, and how it works. On the other hand, photorealistic rendering creates a still image based on a 3D asset. A stand-alone 3D model of a product is further processed to add more natural elements, such as lighting, shadows, colors, and textures. With photorealistic rendering, you can place your product’s image in front of any imaginable backdrop and in any position.

Another excellent form of visualization is 360-degree CGI. The audience can view the product from every angle by moving, rotating, and zooming into the image on-screen. For example, in an advertisement for a shoe, viewers can take a closer look at the product to see not only from the sides but also underneath and above the item.

How it’s made

Unlike a typical image or video recording, a 360-degree rendering service creates a photograph that delivers a realistic view of a product by combining multiple still images into a single digital file.


The product is placed on a spinning turntable and then photographed two or three dozen times in a single session. Even if the camera is stationary (in fact, it has to be mounted on a stable stand to prevent movement blur or camera shake), each snap captures a different viewing angle. Instead of merging the shots into one photo, they are sequentially arranged into a series of pictures to replicate the product’s rotating motion on the turntable. For a lifelike rotation to happen, a row of photos usually consists of 24 to 36 images: the more images, the better. Camera and product positions matter when you’re a consumer product designer.

If the product is in an upright position, and the camera sits perpendicular to the table, the final image file gives a 360-degree viewing angle as if you were walking around it. However, you must consider how the product sits as well. If it’s lying on its side with the camera in the same position, the rotation provides a clear view from top to bottom—if it were a shoe, it would display the outsole pattern, insole, and tongue logo. When viewed on a webpage or application, the spinning movement goes from left to right. It is possible to start the rotation automatically or let the user control the movement.

Why you want one

In an e-commerce business where the product image is key, a product design service creating a 360-degree product CGI alongside a concise description delivers tons of product information. In addition to that, the main advantages of a spinning image are as follows:

  • Improved visual treatment: While it’s true that online shopping has a ton of benefits, conventional brick-and-mortar shopping comes with one clear advantage. An on-site visit allows customers to inspect a product in person. A 360-degree render is an acceptable substitute, and it makes a product description easier to understand.
  • Reduced risk of a returned product: When buyers rely on written descriptions or insufficient product photos, there is always the possibility that the item received is not exactly what they expected. Either way, a returned product has a negative effect on consumer trust and the seller’s reputation. High-quality photos are a good idea, but a clear spinning image is almost always better.
  • Better shopping experience: Multimedia files such as photos and videos increase buyers’ confidence in online shops a great deal. Clever use of product imagery instantly makes your online shop look professional and well-designed. Customers see that as a gesture of seriousness, which can help reduce buyers’ hesitation.

What appears to be a simple rotating image on a product page is actually an important part of a marketing strategy created by a 3D design service. An effective method to attract buyers is to be as clear as possible in your product descriptions and make sure the product image gives a lifelike representation of the actual item.

Effective use of 360-degree photography

An e-commerce site must use as many images as it needs to increase buyers’ confidence levels. Buyers expect the product to look exactly like the images. When they click the “Buy” button, they have already built that expectation in their mind. Drafting services experts know that a discrepancy between product descriptions, including images, and the actual merchandise are misleading.


You can use several photos to show the product from all angles or a video explainer to complement product descriptions. A product engineering service can achieve the same (if not better) result more efficiently. Here is how:

Revamp your banner ads

People don’t like to see pop-up ads or sparkling banners anywhere on any webpage. However, if you really think about it, the annoyance comes not from the advertisement itself but the content. An ad that fails to attract the users’ attention is doomed to get skipped.

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Instead of using a still image, revamp the old-school appearance of an online ad into something appealing. One way to do that is by incorporating 360-degree imagery, perhaps complemented by a catchphrase. It would take more space on a webpage and a bigger budget to display the product, but an interesting image always sparks curiosity. And that is the first step to redirecting users to your e-commerce site.

Build an online catalogue

Every online store needs a catalog to display their entire range of products so that visitors have a more enjoyable time browsing the website. An online catalog is typically in a PDF or other downloadable file format that visitors can view offline. This is not an actual online catalog—it’s a regular printable catalog accessible via the Internet.

Create a page separate from the main online store to display an updated digital catalog. On this page, every product comes with a 360-degree CGI image and a short description. Creating such a page takes a lot of work, especially if you have hundreds of display products. Working with a 3D product modeling service can help.

Include 360-degree CGI to e-commerce listing

For those selling their products on e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Etsy, using 360-degree CGI product images makes for a buyer-friendly shopping experience. The image contains a lot of information. Combine that with a concise product description, and buyers get a comprehensive overview of the product to boost confidence in the purchasing decision.

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Moreover, an interactive rotating image stands out from the crowd. In big e-commerce like eBay or Amazon, you are only one seller among hundreds of others offering the same product. Consider using 360-degree imagery to get ahead of competitors and attract more buyers.

Share images to social media

In case banner ads are not for you, there is always Facebook and Instagram. Bear in mind that incorporating 360-degree CGI into social media posts can be quite tricky for several reasons.


Nowadays, people access their social websites from smartphone apps, and not every app can handle the file format well. A good workaround is to use a 3D animation service to make a 3D animated video of a product to ensure playability. If you have to use a spinning image, post it as a link to your social media.

360-degree product CGI as a feature

The end goal is not to build a product image in an interactive format, but to make a profit. While a rotating image may be a stand-alone marketing piece, you can actually use it as a component or feature. Let’s say a group of people come across your product commercial on YouTube. In a segment of the video, they see the product from all angles in slow motion and hear the product description at the same time. It gets better when the image is sprinkled with animated graphics to supplement the voiceover.

How can Cad Crowd help

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