Top 101 3D Design Firms & 3D Modeling Companies for Services in USA and Worldwide

3d modeling design firms

Are you thinking about switching to another 3D design firm or finding a 3D modeling company that can keep up with the growth of your business? The good news is that many 3D modeling companies and services are available. The list includes the top 101 3D design firms and 3D modeling companies and services. 


1. Cad Crowd

Cad Crowd is your ultimate destination if you require 3D modeling design services or have any 3D design needs. The company has established expertise in various areas, including 3D modeling, 3D rendering, industrial design, CAD design & 2D drafting, 3D animation, prototyping, and product design. Cad Crowd also offers a comprehensive suite of services, including drafting, engineering, architectural design, invention design help, metaverse 3D design, and patent services. Choose Cad Crowd for exceptional results and comprehensive solutions.


2. +IMGS

+IMGS is a computer graphics studio based in Paris specializing in 3D design services catering to the demands of businesses and companies needing help with 3D designs and 3D modeling.


3. 36.6

36.6 will guide you through the entire product development process, from the initial idea creation to the final product completion. 36.6 is an international product design company with a core team of professional experts with years of experience in various fields.


4. 3D Ace Studio

3D Ace Studio is a graphics and creative production division of Program-ACE LLC. It provides high-quality 3D and 2D graphics, 3D modeling, programming, and animation services for top-of-the-line games, videos, and movies.


5. 3D Praxis Studio 

3D Praxis Studio is a popular architectural visualization company that promises to help you grow and expand your business with the help of awe-inspiring model and photography services. The company takes pride in labeling itself as the leading 3D rendering company that can do the job right and with satisfactory output.


6. 3D Team

3D Team, based in New Zealand, specializes in 3D architectural rendering and provides the best products, industrial services, and animations with high-quality characters to turn your visions into reality. The company guides its clients from visualization to project execution.


7. 3D Tech 

3D Tech prides itself on its extensive experience and offers a wide selection of unique 3D services. The company has a portfolio of impressive and notable companies, top brands, and other big names. They also offer reasonable prices based on their official website.


8. 4Design 

Based on its website, 4Design has over five decades of experience in production and design, making it one of the market’s most experienced companies today. The company is based in Australia with several offices across New Zealand. It also has an impressive list of case studies with products developed in the infrastructure, medical, and business industries.

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AABSyS is one of the leading providers of CAD, software, and GIS services to clients worldwide. The company has brought together a skilled resource base, deep domain expertise, and strong financials with over 18 years of experience to cater to customer needs in IT and geospatial services.


10. AECOM 

AECOM breaks new ground and has been established to create a better world. The company designs, builds, finances, and operates infrastructure assets for businesses, organizations, and governments in over 150 countries. As a fully integrated agency, it connects experience and knowledge across its international network of experts to cater to its client’s needs.


11. Align Studio

Align Studio offers quality residential and commercial 3D architectural rendering services. The company offers some of the best 3D architectural visualizations, 3D walkthroughs, 3D exterior rendering, 3D interior rendering, and photorealistic rendering in the UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and India.


12. Altair HyperWorks

Altair HyperWorks is based in Melbourne, Australia, and offers the most comprehensive open-architecture CAD simulation platform in the current industry. The company also provides the best technologies for optimizing high performance and creating the best designs.



ALT/SHIFT is a remarkably versatile studio committed to visual communication by creating outright designs. The company produces custom design solutions for various clients and industries in different parts of the world. They can also create stunning images with emotion and character.


14. Atomic Props & Effects

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Atomic Props & Effects is a prop advertising agency that specializes in 3D billboards as well as other types of creative outdoor ads. By working on campaigns for companies such as Coca-Cola, HBO, and Starbucks, Atomic Props has established itself as a go-to option for many of the top ad agencies in the country.

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15. Aversis

Aversis is a one-person design agency specializing in customized websites and 3D visualizations for offline and online purposes. You can browse through its online portfolio to view all the projects that it has recently completed.


16. Azuko Engineering Services

Azuko Engineering Services claims to serve quality right on time. The team at Azuko has more than 30 years of combined experience in different fields, including IT services, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Their international work experience covers the USA, the UK, Europe, India, and the UAE.


17. BilgeAdam Technologies

BilgeAdam Technologies has the right people to provide the best solutions to its valued clients. It is a global, time-proven technology service and consulting agency offering companies and organizations professional IT consulting and innovative software development.


18. BIM Machine

BIM Machine is your trusted and reliable companion for conquering the digital realm. The company has been established to offer turnkey solutions for the AEC industry and focuses strongly on bringing BIM processes and BIM-thinking people together.


19. BL Companies

Owned by employees and driven by clients, BL Companies is fully dedicated to offering individualized and quality services to its clientele. The company carries an integrated selection of services, including engineering services, architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering, and more.


20. Brick Visual

Brick Visual comprises highly skilled experts with professional design, technology, and architecture backgrounds. They specialize in top-of-the-line computer-rendered images, interactive solutions for real estate projects, fly-through animations, and advertisement movies.


21. Buildflic

Buildflic is proud to be the pioneer in offering interior designing services in Hyderabad. The company has a team of expert designers who are well-equipped and properly trained in using modern tools for interior designing that allow them to deliver exceptional interior décor plans and innovative solutions that truly stand out.


22. CADD Agency

The Florida-based CADD Agency specializes in CAD drafting and CAD conversion services. They provide CAD outsourcing services for various types of drafting and designing needs. The company specializes in CAD drafting for floor plans, architectural plans, elevations, cross-sections, roads, takeoffs, and more.


23. Ceetron 

Ceetron is a 3D design firm and 3D modeling company in Trondheim, Norway, offering 3D visualization software to the market since 1996. It also provides 3D visualization solutions and products to OEMs and industrial customers.


24. CG Channel

CG Channel is the leading online destination catering to all entertainment artists. The company has made it its mission to inform and empower and inspire its clients to deliver top-quality results like no other.


25. CHCADD Outsourcing

CHCADD Outsourcing is a BIM and CAD outsourcing company that has served customers worldwide with the finest architectural and structural CAD outsourcing services since 2008. The company focuses on CAD drafting art, 3D modeling buildings, and dealing with challenges unique to each project.

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26. Coldconsult Engineers

Coldconsult Engineers is the leading name you can trust if you want ideas that work. It is an India-based consultancy service provider focusing on 3D and 2D modeling, structural drafting, and detailing.


27. Concepter 

The award-winning product engineering and design studio, Concepter, helps its customers develop products that maximize their impression on the users while minimizing the effects on the planet. The company designs sophisticated tech items that people would happily use with sustainability in mind.


28. Creaform

Creaform focuses on ultra-precision technologies. It develops, manufactures, and sells 3D portable measurement technologies and specializes in 3D engineering services. It provides innovative solutions, including quality control, reverse engineering, 3D scanning, product development, simulation, and non-destructive testing.


29. Dbox

Dbox is a creative agency based in New York City specializing in 3D rendering services, online marketing, and real estate media strategy. Dbox is one of the go-to options for businesses in the local area and other parts of the world.


30. Deinde Engineering Pvt. Ltd 

Established in 2004 and based in Chandigarh, India, Deinde Engineering is an engineering and project management consultancy firm. In Latin, deinde means ‘next,’ which inspires the company to stay motivated and remain aligned with its name’s real meaning.


31. Design 1st 

Design 1st is a full-service engineering and industrial design firm developing simple but compelling products that integrate human behavioral science to support an organization’s marketing and business goals. For over 25 years, the company has been helping startups, enterprise organizations, and entrepreneurs all over the US and Canada.


32. Digital Surveys Ltd 

Based in the UK, Digital Surveys Ltd is among the chief providers of quality 3D modeling services with over 30 years of industry experience. The company provides exceptional services, including dimensional control and specialist survey.


33. Dosenyo

For Dosenyo, design is all about humanity. The company is a firm believer that there are and will always be better ways when it comes to design. It also believes that by applying a systemic design process, all products can become great, which will ultimately help both end-users and product manufacturers.

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34. Eutronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Eutronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd specializes in incredible solutions and remarkable technologies. It is an innovative product development and design company that develops new products according to the market’s and client’s needs. Eutronix offers better technical solutions for clients with design- or development-related concerns.


35. FalconCAD

FalconCAD is a full-service product design, prototyping, and design firm that helps takes your ideas from sketches and turn them into 3D design renderings. It can also help you with prototyping afterward and even develop 2D production drawings whenever necessary. Thanks to its aerospace industry background, the company is exceptionally detail-oriented regarding project planning and execution.


36. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a diversified outsourcing services company. As an international corporation, Flatworld Solutions offers solutions in outsourcing, business consulting, and IT services. The company expresses its commitment to delivering lasting value to its customers. It uses tech to its advantage to implement only the best practices.


37. Geomount Inc.

With its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Geomount Inc is a virtual engineering studio that uses virtual reality in engineering technologies. It was built and founded to develop AR, VR, and 3D solutions for the construction and engineering industries through photogrammetry and UAV drone mapping technology.


38. Gsource Technologies LLC

Gsource Technologies LLC is among the leading architectural drafting and design firms that operate in the North American region. Connecting the dots between GIS, CAD, and technology, the company mainly works with land surveying agencies and architectural firms for their drafting and design needs.


39. Hashmukh Kerai

UK-based Hashmukh Kerai is a 3D illustrator and motion designer who works in East London as a freelancer. Initially, Hashmukh’s creative career started in production and film, but they decided to change their career because of their love for VFX.


40. HiTech iSolutions

HiTech iSolutions LLP is your reliable outsourcing partner. As a customer-centric company, they provide one-stop solutions across different service functions and lines, including business, engineering, analytics, and data processes. HiTech iSolutions leverages technological innovation, skilled resources, and knowledge acquisition to provide deep domain expertise.


41. Hitech BIM Services

Hitech BIM Services is the premier consulting and building information modeling company that works closely to cater to the specific needs of design engineers, architects, design consulting firms, contractors, and surveyors. It has a team of skilled professionals who have made the company a reliable partner for BIM outsourcing.

Hitech Cadd Services

42. Hitech CADD Services

ISO-certified Hitech CADD Services is one of the key players in mechanical engineering and AEC agency and has rendered its services in India since 1992. The company specializes in 3D modeling, 2D architectural drafting, BIM services, MEP services, and more.


43. HWH Architects Engineers Planners

HWH Architects Engineers Planners Inc. is where you can advance all your visions. It is a multi-discipline design, architectural, and engineering firm that serves clients in the US and other parts of the world. Its mission is to partner with its clients in planning, designing, and implementing their vision for integrated process and facility improvements.


44. Idea Reality 

This small Hampshire, UK-based 3D design studio offers extensive 3D design services. The company has a pretty impressive list of products made with their help, most of which can be applied in numerous industries. They work on prototype and engineer designs, innovative designs, and more.


45. Ideaz Tech 

Ideaz Tech comprises a team of visionaries, engineers, and designers who all share the same goal: to impart a positive impact not only on you but also on your customers and your business as a whole. Ideaz Tech team members are named on over 75 utility and design patents.


46. Imagemaker Advertising Inc. 

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the industrial 3D animation of ImageMaker has affiliate offices in Amsterdam and Toronto. Their specialty includes designing 3D visualizations that are technically accurate in the best way possible.


47. Impac Systems Engineering 

Impac Systems Engineering is based in Temple, Texas. It specializes in engineering services and has used process, people, and technology for three decades to address and cater to engineering needs. The skilled engineers of the team take the projects entrusted to them from the idea’s inception to its completion.


48. Improvians

Improvians is an innovation partner with two remarkable people behind the establishment. Pratik Baldota, who completed a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, and Ann Arbor, who worked for five years in the US in product development and design.


49. Indovance Inc.

Indovance was established in 2003 and is an offshore engineering services company. The firm includes world-class development teams with project management skills and deep domain expertise that enable them to run cost-effective, scalable, and seamless offshoring models that can transform complicated business challenges into real opportunities for your business.

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50. Industrial3D 

Industrial3D, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was established out of the hobbies and dreams of one remarkable man, Beau Brown. Beau started to develop 3D animations during their free time while still working for one of the major drilling contractors in the oil and gas industry.


51. Javelin 

Javelin, based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, has over four thousand Canadian businesses that use their 3D design services and applications to develop products that boost safety, efficiency, medical care, and the environment.

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52. JMSD Consultant

JMSD consultant is a 3D architectural visualization studio that offers virtual solutions for all rendering projects. It caters to clients who need 3D rendering, visualization, and 3D modeling services. With its complete spectrum of 3D rendering services, you can count on the experience of its team to bring quality results. 



53. Kairos Technologies

Kairos is an IT system integrator and has IT managed services provider located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company works with more than three hundred businesses, including Petronas and Grab, to cater to all their IT procurement needs and manage the technologies that power them to expand and scale their companies.


54. Kilograph

Kilograph is a multidisciplinary visualization studio with extensive knowledge of architectural design and experience in visual effects, film visualization, and animation. The company has an office in Los Angeles and Spain, and some of its well-known clients include Phizer, Google, Ford, and Netflix. 


55. KDE

KDE is a creative studio specializing in product manufacturing and design. The company is among the top-tier industrial design services and product design services. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has gradually carved a name for itself and expanded its reach.


56. Keel Solution

Keel Solution specializes in asset data management services, offering its help to companies that are part of the international energy sector. It helps companies optimize technical data concerning their wind turbines, rigs, vessels, and other specialized installation forms. Keel Solution also offers customized consultancy to companies operating or owning energy installations.


57. KKR Bose Design Services Pvt Ltd

Bose Design Services is among India’s top digital marketing, website design services, and engineering solutions providers. Since its establishment, it has been dedicated to providing the highest quality services at the most competitive market rates in various industries and sectors.


58. Komtek As 

Komtek AS is an independent engineering company based in Moss, Ostfold, Norway. The company offers its services to both international and Norwegian industries.


59. Landpoint, LLC 

Landpoint LLC was established in 1984 and is based in Bossier City, Louisiana. the company specializes in anything from 3D scanning to oil and gas well locations, pipelines, construction layout services, and unit surveys.


60. 321 Launch

321 Launch is based in New York and is an international leader in test commercial production. By combining top talent from the film and advertising industries with breakthrough technology, LAUNCH has achieved a level of storytelling that other traditional animatics find impossible.


61. Lemons Bucket

Lemons Bucket is a company that develops hyper-realistic CG images, acquires the main essence of the whole design, and reinvents architecture in the form of 3D using the kind of sensitivity it needs and deserves.


62. Linesgraph

Linesgraph is a home structure and floor plan service company that allows you to develop floor designs, outfit and improve them, and picture your future structure in 2D or 3D. As a global company that delivers architecture and design, its development lies in an exceptional one-source stage.


63. Lymphate Infra Pvt. Ltd

Lymphate Infra Pvt. Ltd is among the fastest-growing infrastructure companies on the international market. Providing sustainable infrastructure solutions, the company optimizes the most state-of-the-art technologies to deliver innovative results. 

Lymphate Infra


64. Magoo 3D Studios

Magoo 3D Studios is a Swedish-based 3D production house that works with clients from around the world. Its in-house artists provide a comprehensive production service. The team comprises 25 professionals who all aim to provide quality services every time.


65. Magnus Global Tech Pvt. Ltd 

Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Magnus Global provides extensive design engineering services, including brownfield and greenfield engineering. It also covers procurement assistance, detailed engineering, basic engineering, and conceptual studies.

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66. Makerfabs

Makerfabs is a Shenzhen-based PCBA or IoT hardware company that provides one-stop PCBA assembling and manufacturing, from prototyping a single piece to mass production. The company helps startups and makers quickly turn their designs into final products.


67. MaRS BIM

MaRS Group is a company based in Ahmedabad, India, that offers breakthrough management consultancy services for engineering and designing projects. It provides BIM modeling services, MEP BIM building, building information modeling, and more.


68. Mechanical 3D Modeling 

Mechanical 3D modeling is another company in India that is the top provider of services specializing in mechanical engineering design. The company caters to different industry verticals and offers CAD design, 2D CAD drafting, and similar services.


69. MESH Consultants

MESH Consultants is a consultancy and geometry studio established in Toronto in 2012. Its company prides itself on having excellent developers and mathematicians. The company helps architects, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists to turn their geometrically challenging projects into reality.


70. Milestone PLM SOLUTIONS PVT Ltd

Milestone PLM SOLUTIONS PVT Ltd is another leading provider of engineering design, with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The company has evolved from a dedicated team of experts committed to excellence in design and provides extensive services in different design sectors.


71. N&R Foldings

With locations in Tokyo and London, N&R Foldings is a design studio founded by Naoki Kawamoto and Rodrigo Solorzano. With a specific interest in digital fabrication and digital generation, the company’s work is inspired by the functional capabilities of Origami.



NEXT/NOW offers digital brand experiences for physical places and spaces. The company prides itself on being a leader in augmented reality, virtual reality, Kinect, and Projection-Mapping. The company also does multi-touch interactive installations for festivals, events, corporate environments, retail, exhibits, and museums.


73. NotAnotherOne 

notAnotherOne is one of the top 3D design firms and 3D modeling companies, which is well-deserved after it recently bagged the 2021 Red Dot Award for activities on tier design. Its primary focus is hardware development.

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74. Omega Render

Omega Render is a 3D architectural & visualization firm based in South Korea. Their services include everything from 3D furniture, product, and 3D architectural modeling to 360 visual tours, 3D rendering services, 3D animation services, and more. With their years of extensive experience, they assist clients with bringing their ideas to life.


75. Onward Technologies Ltd

Onward Technologies Ltd offers IT and engineering services for various industries, with 13 offices in the UK, the USA, Germany, and India, providing professional expertise and knowledge in product engineering, SAP, embedded system programming, data analytics, and 3D CERO.


76. Oxford Product Design

Oxford Product Design was established in 2013 and offers award-winning product design services. The team comprises expert problem solvers who work with some of the leading brands in the world on different category-defining products to improve how people work and live.


77. Pele Engineering

The core of Pele Engineering’s team is talented, ambitious, and young engineers. The company brings its client’s ideas to life through metalworking and engineering design. Its work is not just technical but also a creative approach to non-standard tasks.


78. Peschke Design

Peschke design creates user-oriented digital and physical products for progressive companies, including large corporations and startups. The company’s designs result in measurable economic success thanks to the expert implementation of progressive ideas.


79. Prescient Technologies Pvt Ltd

Prescient Technologies Pvt Ltd is an engineering software company that has worked in PLM/CAD, algorithmic, and mathematical software development since 2000. It is proud of working with engineering, research, and development clients and delivering solutions for their complicated issues.


80. Pro-ROV Services, LLC 

Pro-ROV Services, LLC, based in San Diego, California, provides 3D modeling, hydrographic imaging, survey, inspection, and other types of services to the key players in the industry. Pro-ROV staff are experts at collecting, processing, and interpreting data using state-of-the-art tools.

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81. Rishabh Engineering Services 

Rishabh Engineering Services, a division of Rishabh Software, is an engineering services company incorporated in 2006. They provide engineering services to PMC, OEM, EPCM, and EPC.



ROBOSLOG is among the leading prominent suppliers of automation and robotics services. Its goal is to spark a revolution in robotics by helping industries, students, and the disabled and offering top-of-the-line services and products.


83. RockWare 

RockWare is located in Golden, Colorado, with its foundation in 1983, led by a team of geologists to offer the industry cost-effective geo-scientific computer applications. The company also provides third-party software to its valued clients.


84. Rolta India Limited 

Rolta India Limited is another India-based leading provider of breakthrough IT solutions for various vertical segments, including state and federal governments, homeland security and defense, power, utilities, process, and more.

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85. Saritasa

Saritasa, located in Newport Beach, California, can give you almost everything you need or want. Its ability to work in an agile manner is what makes the company stand out. It can also adapt to any speed, capacity, or type of app you need.


86. Skywell Software 

Skywell Software is among the top 3D design firms and 3D modeling services thanks to its experience and selection of service offerings. The company also provides complete 3D modeling services in various industries, including corporate training, ecommerce, game development, real estate, and more.


87. Spine3D

Spine3D is an award-winning computer graphics studio that provides professional 3D rendering, 3D modeling, and animation production services for real estate developers and architects.


88. Survey 2 CAD 

Survey 2 CAD is based in the UK and specializes in 3D modeling and scanning services for oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and process plant industries.


89. Technosoft Engineering

Technosoft Engineering is an international provider of embedded, IoT, and engineering design services to different manufacturing and engineering verticals and EPCM services in the oil and gas industry. The company strives to offer maintenance and substance engineering services with hassle-free performance and effectiveness as their top priority.


90. Tim Global Engineering

Tim Global Engineering specializes in the execution of structural analysis, strategizing, planning, engineering, designing, and 3D modeling for residential and commercial projects across the globe.


91. Transparent House

Transparent House focuses on creating captivating 3D assets, high-end retail developments, and branded environments for future-looking and high-profile brands.


92. Truecadd 

Truecadd has extensive experience in offering a complete suite of CAD services, from design and planning to maintenance and implementation services, at an exceptional standard.

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93. Ulysta Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd 

Ulysta is an international global energy consulting firm with an Indo-German portfolio strategically positioned to help owners, operators, and engineering consulting companies.


94. UniquesCadd

UniquesCadd is a CAD and BIM architecture company that offers value to engineering, architecture, construction, and real estate projects.


95. UnireTech Private Ltd

UnireTech Private Ltd offers services related to laptops, desktops, WiFi AP, switches, routers, and more. They provide life-changing solutions for IT computer hardware and networking.


96. Vegacadd

Vegacadd is the CAD division of Rayvat Rendering Studio, a renowned firm that boasts a clientele that spans more than 15 countries. It provides clients 3D rendering and 3D modeling, CAD conversion, and CAD drafting services.


97. Venture 2 Digital

Venture 2 Digital specializes in digital marketing and injects life into its clients’ marketing initiatives and projects.


98. ViBIM Vietnam

ViBIM Vietnam is a Hanoi-based BIM service provider of BIM modeling and consultancy services for engineering and designing projects.


99. VisualMediaWorks

VisualMediaWorks has over ten years of experience in the industry of 3D architecture, producing interactive content, photography, animation, and 3D computer graphics.

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100. Vrender

Vrender is a team of CG artists and architects based in New York with several years of experience in architectural visualization and architectural design services


101. WeSoftYOu

WeSoftYOu has an impressive list of clients, including big names such as Baker Stewart, Audi, and more. The company offers services in 3D modeling sites.


Well, there you have it! Our list of the top 101 3D design firms and 3D modeling companies for services in 2023.
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