Exploring Pricing Models for Delivering 3D Architectural Rendering Services to Firms 

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Regarding 3D architectural rendering, it can be challenging to determine the best pricing model for your projects. Costs can often range from as low as $100 to over $10,000, and each differs in quality and results. However, while it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option, trying to cut costs may ultimately lead to higher expenses down the road. To eliminate all confusion and help you plan your budget accordingly, this guide explores the different pricing models for delivering 3D architectural rendering services to firms. 

3D architectural renderings for under $500

“You get what you pay for” applies to many things, and 3D rendering services are no exception. It is also true in the world of real estate and architecture. Every project is unique and distinct, from several thousand dollars to million-dollar budgets. The good news is that there are some situations where 3D architectural rendering services cost less than $500. This depends on your budget, scale, imagery needs, quality, and target audience. These situations include the following:

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1. Approval purposes 

If a project’s primary purpose or objective is to get the initial approval from the respective HOAs, regulatory bodies, and other relevant authorities for real estate presale or simple style planning. 

2. Basic conceptualization 

Real estate agents, designers, painters, or home builders who want to discuss basic style options and colors with their clients can use no-frills 3D architectural renderings that provide enough visual details. 

3. Personal project 

Homeowners who want to go for a DIY renovation can simply use a 3D architectural visualization firm which might be enough to illustrate the finished project. 

4. Limited budget 

If your budget is limited and your primary concern is the project’s total cost, the cheaper pricing model might be your best option. 

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Why 3D architectural rendering services under $500 are not recommended 

You’ll discover many low-cost 3D architectural rendering services are from overseas 3D rendering companies trying to exploit the availability of cheap labor and less stringent regulations. Although there are many 3D artists from different parts of the world, any firm that offers the lowest prices for their services, even stateside, is likely focused more on the quantity than the quality of their projects. 

Low-cost 3D architectural rendering service providers often try to come up with the most enticing starting costs possible to lure more prospective clients quickly. After that, they try to recover the discounted profit once the client signs the contract. So, before you get blinded by what seems to be an incredibly cheap deal, ensure you check if there are issues and hidden costs that many extremely affordable firms will never let you know from the get-go:

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Hidden costs 

So, you were quoted at such a low price. For all you know, this price only applies to the initial stage. Extra charges may soon be used in the proceeding steps, as well as the revisions and even the receipt of the final product itself. 


Quality of images

Some companies try to add several resolution limitations to the contract, charging more for higher-resolution images. Before you agree to anything, always clarify and confirm the price, size, and resolution of the finished renders. 

Absence of details 

Fine details, including detailed furnishings, trim, appliances, window details, soffits, and others, might still need to be included, or if they are, you might have to pay additional fees for them. 

Doubled expenses

Suppose it’s impossible to use the architectural renders because of poor quality and resolution. In that case, it might leave you with no other option but to look for a different firm that can produce what you have expected to get the first time. 

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Cutting corners 

Cheap renders mean it’s overoptimized. Some artists continuously recycle past projects of their clients into new ones, which results in cookie-cutter objects and textures. Your brand may suffer adverse consequences if your audience notices you’re using repetitive renders. 

Changes in schedule 

3D architectural rendering firms that are only after the number of their projects usually over promise only to miss their deadlines and ask for additional payment, claiming that they need it to finish the renderings within your timeline. These delays mean that you and your firm have to compensate to complete the job on your end. 

Due to all these risks of low-end 3D architectural renderings, always remember the saying that anything that seems too good to be true probably is. This is why buyers should never forget that what appears to be a cheap option might not be so cheap because of the time lost, poor quality of images, and additional charges. Before you sign the dotted line for any service, take the chance to review every single detail regarding the project timeline, image resolution, any additional charges, and the process as a whole. 

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$500 to $3,000 mid-level 3D architectural renderings

Mid-level 3D architectural renderings from a reliable 3D architectural modeling firm can provide excellent quality images for developers, architects, designers, and real estate agents working on medium to large-scale projects without breaking the bank. 3D architectural renderings have an average price of approximately $500 to $3,000

The mid-level pricing model is ideal and recommended for professionals working on housing community projects, apartments, and townhouses. 

It’s more suitable to opt for mid-level pricing for the following situations:

  • You want to persuade a regulatory board to continue with your project. 
  • Your goal is to set your project apart from your competitors. 
  • You have plans to use the architectural render as a marketing tool to sell faster or increase sales. 

When shopping for 3D architectural rendering services, most clients might have yet to decide what to look for in a 3D architectural design company. You need to evaluate and check the qualities between the okay mid-level 3D architectural rendering services and those companies that provide a fantastic product at this price range. 

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Ensure there is an expert you can talk to over the phone to discuss their services. 


Always confirm if the company has already been in business for a reasonable time. Use this chance to review the qualifications of the staff members, too. 


Research the credentials, reviews, awards, and testimonials of the company. 

Quality of renders 

Compare the company’s 3D rendered examples with those of its competitors. Evaluate the realism, or the absence of it for that matter, of the colors, textures, lighting, greenery, furniture, windows, and others in these render samples. Ensure that the firm can come up with final images comparable to or better than the quality they advertise. 

Turnaround time 

It’s always a big red flag if the 3D architectural rendering designer offers a speedy turnaround time. Quality mid-level architectural renders need a reasonable amount of time without being too excessive to produce details worthy of the price. Inquire about the anticipated timelines and the company’s track record for meeting the client’s agreed-upon deadlines. 

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Over $3,000 in high-quality 3D architectural renderings 

The final pricing model for 3D architectural rendering services is considered high-quality, ranging from $3,000 to above. These renderings are critical for commercial properties, high-rise developments, luxury apartments, and similar large-scale professional projects. 

It is an expected and even an essential investment to spend $3,000 or higher on attention-grabbing and polished 3D architectural rendering for projects worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The imagery can easily make or break the number of presales, high-end profit margins, and crucial approvals for the project. 

It’s always a wise call to use high-quality 3D architectural rendering services for the following purposes:

Expand your network

If you’re willing and ready to spend more, you’ll get to work with the best archicad design companies and professionals in real estate development, design, and construction. 

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Highlight your level of professionalism 

You are a respected and recognized field professional or working to become one. 

Make a good impression on your VIPs

Anything less than high-quality architectural renders will never cut if you want your project to turn heads and catch the interest of prominent decision-makers and high-paying clients. 

Create high-calibre work

Investing thousands of dollars into high-quality 3D architectural rendering services won’t break your budget. This kind of investment is expected in your goals for better marketing, higher sales, and improved growth. The tricky thing is that even high-quality 3D architectural rendering services are not equal. Make sure that the company will be able to prove its value, especially at this price point. 

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