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Constantly seeking to learn and master new industry skills, I partner with expert teams and colleagues to conduct research, experimentation, and data analyses, building holistic data to inform strategic project planning and execution.

With a wealth of professional and academic experience, I support and participate in field engineering initiatives. Able to clearly communicate complex technical data and concepts to non-engineering professionals, I ensure project plans align with site specific needs, client requirements, and safety standards.

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  • Staff Engineer S&ME · Full-time Sep 2021 – Oct 2021 1 mos Atlanta, GA, United States Under general supervision to coordinate and execute a collection of field data and construction/site observations using standardized testing and/or procedures. Manages engineering projects of small to medium size that involve standard methods and/or investigative techniques. Performs a supporting technical role in more complex projects demanding my supervision of field assignments, construction observation, and completion of field reports as the primary author.
    • Construction supervision for pile installation on pedestrian bridge for plumb/battered piles being driven along various bents, monitoring and recording blow counts as well as day-to-day field operations, scheduling updates between contractors and project engineers, and generating technical written field reports with construction summaries.
    • FDR Mix Design includes Site Layout/Evaluation on existing road/parking lot conditions, coring and drilling for collection of surface and subsurface materials on various roads. DCP Testing, managing material preparations (sieving and air drying), batching, performing proctor compaction testing for optimal water content, and development of soil cement for compressive loading to determine optimal cement incorporation during FDR construction.
    • Performing settlement calculations for various segments of retaining walls structures.
  • Constructions Service Laboratory Technician S&ME · Full-time Jun 2021 – Sep 2021 3 mos Atlanta, GA, United States During my time as a CMT Laboratory Technician, my responsibilities revolved around primarily performing various testing procedures for masonry lab, geotechnical and aggregate lab, and project sites. Performing testing procedures in these labs required me to follow testing procedures following various standards (ASTM or AASHTO) to:
    • Manage concrete materials to allow for appropriate storage/curing time before testing to ensure materials are meeting specified strength.
    • Make modifications to materials to ensure high-quality testing conditions: Cutting even/ flush surfaces for irregular protrusions in concrete materials, capping soil cement and grout cubes with sulfur to tailor the surface testing area to breaking heads.
    • Break concrete cylinders/ beams, grout prisms, grout cubes, and soil cement in accordance with ASTM Standard Testing procedures by compressive loading and generating daily break logs.
    • Visual soil classifications that characterize boring logs per boring layout for various sites and projects, assigning moisture contents for various borings, Atterberg Limits: determination of both the plastic /liquid limits of various soils, sieve analysis, proctor compaction (modified and standard).
  • Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant Georgia Institute of Technology · Full-time Jan 2019 – May 2021 2 yrs 4 mos Atlanta, GA, United States In my time as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, I conducted graduate-level research on the hydraulic conductivity of components within a fly ash material. Partnering with colleagues and my supervisor, I drove the planning, strategizing, and execution of investigative testing and analysis initiatives to evaluate and characterize materials.

    • Instructed undergraduate students, leading laboratory training and facilitation to build student skills in drafting and AutoCAD techniques.
    • Peer-reviewed hydraulic properties of coal combustion products (FA), Diatoms (D), F110 Sand, and activated carbon (ac) , developing materials and percentage blends characterizations.
    • Structured and conducted FA permeability testing / analysis.
    • Collected and prepared visual data and bulk material blends, supporting future water characteristic curve testing and investigation efforts.
    • Managed student performance, providing evaluation and feedback to steer academic development.
  • Subsurface Processes Research Assistant Georgia Institute of Technology · Part-time Aug 2017 – May 2018 9 mos Atlanta, GA, United States During this time, I developed practical expertise in complex experimentation techniques, conducting diversified investigations into subsurface processes.
  • Field/Office Engineer Hensel Phelps Construction Co. · Internship May 2017 – Aug 2017 3 mos Cape Canaveral, FL, United States Serving as a field and off-site engineer, I worked under Hensel Phelps to facilitate the design and development of The Spacecraft Integration Facility project for a major client.
  • Engineering Intern Turnipseed Engineers · Internship May 2015 – Jan 2017 1 yrs 8 mos Marietta, GA, United States In this early role, I studied under civil and hydraulic engineers, building extensive practical experience in AutoCAD drawing development and engineering challenge resolution.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Consultant Geosyntec Consultants · Internship May 2015 – Aug 2015 3 mos Marietta, GA, United States In this capacity, I partnered with industry professionals to conduct peer reviews of slope stability analyses and various proposals, evaluating analysis findings in Slide, Grapher, and other industry software.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology Civil & Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, 3.33 2018 – 2021 Activities and Societies: Geo-Society Lab Manager, ASCE, Construction Engineering Association, Chi Epsilon, Geosystems Research Group Conducted graduate-level research on the hydraulic conductivity of components within a fly ash material. Partnered with colleagues and supervisor to drive the
    planning, strategizing, and execution of investigative testing and analysis initiatives to evaluate and characterize materials. Instructed undergraduate students, leading laboratory training and facilitation to build student skills in
    drafting and AutoCAD techniques.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Bachelors , Civil & Environmental Engineering, 3.6 2015 – 2018 Activities and Societies: - Construction Engineering Association (CEA): VP and Treasurer - Chi Epsilon: Member - ASCE: Member

Other experience

  • Summer Camp Counselor - YMCA (Stone Mountain, GA) During my role as a camp sports counselor, I experienced so much growth with the responsibility placed on my shoulders during my two summers at the Wade Walker YMCA facility. I learned to work in teams as my role as camp counselor would require quick and immediate collaboration with other counselors to plan out unique sport activities while also ensuring the well being and safety of children across all age groups. My time at YMCA was challenging, but it provided me with the reward of such a unique and astonishing experience.

    • Provided guidance and oversight to a group of 16 or more kids at the Wade Walker Facility while transporting them in organized lines across the facility for morning pick-ups, sports activities, lunch, daily swim meets, rock climbing, and daily drop offs.
    • Developed ability to be versatile to fill other camp counselors duties when needed for various styles of camps such as horse camp and fine arts.
    • Follow specific procedures to stay organized and completely vigilant for the safety of my groups.
  • Math/Physics Tutor (Part Time) - Dalton State College This was a critical role that I took on requiring full use of my ability to communicate technical ideas and explanations to students in need of additional resources for their coursework and studies in the University System of Georgia at my early transfer school named Dalton State College.

    • Provided students with academic assistance in various mathematics courses such as Precalculus, Physics, Calculus, Differential Equations, Matlab, and Linear Algebra.
    • Developed and applied unique visualization, auditory, and kinisthetic techniques in order to effectively explain and teach problem solving techniques under various time constraints.