Michael Cagan
Global rank:
3,669 / 32,813
Skill pts: 5


Map of skills applicable
In Design…
Product Design: concept, innovation, new product
Industrial Design: free form shapes, product graphic, color design
Graphic Design: logos, corporate image, sport products, cars, motorbikes
Tool Design: sheet metal tools, fiber laminate molds, silicone molds
In R&D, Modeling, prototyping and paint…
Industrial clay modeling
Metal shop, CNC/manual, lathe, mill, grinder, press, electric/gas welding, sheet metal
Plastic: laminating with resins, prepeg, plastic welding, molds
Wood: free form, model making, structural design
Paint: industrial paint cars/ motorbikes, art replicas, color design, color effects
3D computer modeling
Marketing and Management…
Technical and marketing language skill in English, German and Spanish
Product description text, name, feasibility study, b-plan, executive summary
Project Management, Six Sigma, trouble shooting, team work at all levels
Computer Programs…
Light Wave V9.0: 3D modeling and animation program
Master Cam V9 & 13: CAD/CAM technical drawing, CNC data for mill and lathe
Coral Draw V13: graphic editing program
Microsoft Word and Power Point: text and presentation program

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