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FAQ for Hiring Model Making designers

The creation of a scale model to predict future performance of a design is an important development skill. Expert model makers understand that a good and useful scale model is simply more than creating a miniature. While scale models do have some rules, such as maintaining relationships between the parts of the model, and using the same sort of materials as the original, scale models go far beyond just being a conversation piece.

Model making allows the user to test structural stability of buildings, and even conduct aerodynamic research. For structural models, the creation of a scale model by an expert model maker will allow users to study problems in buildings that may cause safety hazards. Architecture firms can use scale models to sell their buildings, and ship models are used to see how the ship will respond in rough conditions on the water. These models far outreach the importance and usability of home models, and the experts who create them have to have a deep understanding of similitude - predicting the prototype's actions based on the scale model.

Cad Crowd has the best model makers in the world, and they're ready to help you with your design project. Our freelancers are experts at design, similitude, and scaling. They can complete projects of any kind and are able to consistently deliver scale models that can help you uncover issues, plan for future problems, or predict performance. No matter the size of your project, Cad Crowd has the freelancer for you. They understand the importance of creating a scale model that is a perfect representative of the prototype. With strong understandings of when to make concessions and when to keep the model true to the prototype, they can save you time and money without sacrificing quality or safety.

A good model maker will be able to combine the science of creating a scale model with the art of making it feel like a perfect miniature. No matter the prototype, model makers have to understand the math behind scaling down the prototype, how the materials need to interact with each other, and the importance of creating a true model over an adequate or distorted model. Cad Crowd stands behind the work of our freelancers and employs only the best.

Call Cad Crowd today to speak to us about the scope of your project. We can't wait to help you get started! Our amazing freelancers are ready to join your team. You won't find this diverse array of expertise from any conventional modeling companies!

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