William Liisberg
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Are you looking for someone to conceptualize your idea? Or perhaps you need technical drawings to get your product ready for production. I can help you out whether you are at the sketching stage of your project, or if you need someone to make professional product renders.

• 3D CAD Modelling
• Product Rendering
• Technical Drawings / Engineering Drawing
• FEA Simulations
• Advanced Sculpting

• Product Design Solutions

• Autodesk Fusion 360
• Autodesk Inventor 2019

I can create professional parts and assemblies, in advanced CAD-Software packages. Whether it’s a loopy twisted part that’s almost alien or a technical machine with many moving axis and spindles, I’ll be able to model it for you. When 3D modeling, I’m determined to reach the desired result with the highest achievable quality. This does not only mean the quality of the model but also, the way and order in which it was modeled. Therefore, I make heavy use of parametric modeling, so that a change in dimension will change the model dynamically.

I work in my own ways and learn fast from my mistakes, which is why I design very efficiently when going through different product solutions. I can imagine nonexistent products in my head very detailed to quickly evaluate a concept, before even drawing the design on paper. This is a gift!
This is also why my work speaks for itself, as every component and sub-assembly in the product serves a function.

I’m a big fan of simplicity, especially when it comes to product design. A simpler part or assembly will have less design features and therefore be easier to maintain, understand and increase cost-effectiveness. Simplicity can however be hard to invent when the solution intuitively requires something complex to be solved. Therefore I often ignore traditional ways of solving a specific problem and rethink all possible solutions, in an attempt to fully maximize product simplicity.

As I like to design, I naturally love to build my inventions and see them come alive. This I why I own a metal workshop with all the machinery needed to build what I want! This is where I spent my time when I’m not creating product designs on the computer. The workshop also allows me to better understand what part features are easy to produce, which would relate to being efficient in the production world.

Some products or parts have special requirements, in the same way, the screws to shelf must be able to hold a specific number of kilos. I therefore also offer to find one of the best solutions for your specific requirements, by design iteration through simulation (FEA | FEM) of different designs.

Portfolio: williamliisberg.pb.design

Feel free to contact me, I would love to help you!

Design Entries

Private project


  • CEO Liisberg Designs · Feb 2019 – Present 3 yrs 3 mos Denmark CEO of a Danish design company, which will produce high-quality designer toys in the future.
    My current occupation is with getting the designs ready for production in my garage at home.

    The production will include machines such as mills, lathes, CNC-routers, and many more machines.


  • NEXT Sukkertoppen Gymnasium, Design & Technology, Mathematics A - Technology A - Production A 2016 – 2019

Other experience

  • Programming I've been a self-taught programmer for a short while. I was fluent in C++, after two years of programming, but I found the work to repetitive for a lifetime.

    I decided to change my line of work to something more enjoyable like product design and CAD modeling.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Talent program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship TURBO Jul 2018 – Present

Age: 22

Joined: November 13, 2019

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Danish Native or bilingual proficiency

English Full professional proficiency


Ganløse, Kobenhavn, Denmark