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I enjoy binding different branches of engineering together, so that's why I chose to be Mechatronics and control engineer. In Mechatronics, you play with electronics, mechanics, programming, and control theory to make superb applications and products. The name of the game is successful integration between different domains, which is a missing skill searched by many engineers, and needed by many Start-ups. I am new here, but I have finished more than 60 freelancing tasks and missions in other sites.

I have used PIC microcontroller and Arduino to implement so many projects, and I have even used them to make commercial products. I have the talent of integrating embedded systems with electronics and GUI interface to make a complete application. I used microcontrollers in applications like: Sensors Interfacing (GPS-Motion-Encoder-Light-Temperature-Level-Pressure-Vibration-Position) - CNC machine control - Proportional and on/off temperature controllers - Level controller - Power metering IC interfacing (Experience with ADE7953) - Wifi & IoT - GSM - SD card interfacing. Moreover, I have experinece in making integrated system between Raspberry pi and Arduino for applications that need so.

Moreover, I have made many projects that involve signal electronics, power electronics, sensors and measuring systems, and signal conditioning. In addition, I and my team can give you support if you want a PCB design and soldering for your circuit.

Regarding control and automation, I am finished master study in automatic control theory, and I have experience in designing embedded controllers - automatic control theory and applications - adaptive control - autotuners - system modeling & simulation- system Identification and parameters estimation - system dynamic response analysis - pole placement controllers - PID controllers - Scilab & Matlab software packages . In addition, I can give you support in PLC systems and ladder diagram programs for controlling industrial processes.

In addition, I am using Java as GUI interface for my applications, so I have experience in how to make a java GUI program and to control an embedded system using it. I made several projects where I used Java to monitor sensor values, or to send control commands to electronic circuits. ِAlso I have worked before with Java libraries that serve scientific applications, like EJML matrix algebra library, JArduino (java for arduino) library, JFreeChart plotting library, ImageJ image processing libary, RXTX serial communication library, etc...


  • Cairo university MSc., Automatic control 2018 graduation
  • Ainshams university BSc., Mechatronics 2007 graduation

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Cairo, Baden-Wurttemberg, Egypt