• (2017) Maquiriegos Esagar, Caracas, Venezuela.
Position: Services Engineer.
Experience: design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

• (2016) Design and construction of a prototype for the transport of objects needed during trips by bike, Caracas, Venezuela.
Results: prototype of the structure of a multifunctional trailer for bikes.

• (2015) Improvements of food dehydrators for the community of El Paují, Bolívar state, Venezuela.
Experience: design of a food dehydrator using solar energy.

• (2015) Recicrear, Caracas, Venezuela.
Experience: design and construction of wallets from recycled material.

• (2014) Direactores, Caracas, Venezuela.
Experience: design and construction of props for performances from recycled material.

3D Models


  • Universidad Central de Venezuela Mechanical Engineer, Conceptual Design 2017 graduation
  • Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela Luthier, Cuatro 2014 graduation
  • Taller de Jazz Caracas Music Interpreter, Electric Bass 2014 graduation
  • Escuela Superior de Audio y Acústica Sound Engineer Assistant, Audio and Acoustics 2012 graduation