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I took a drafting class in high school and realized I had a knack for making drawings. I really enjoyed it, so I took 3 periods a day in my sophomore and senior year (1979 - 1981). Fast forward to 1988 and I was wiring Control Panels and found the engineering staff didn't have enough time for my Red Lines. I applied my Drafting experience to AutoCAD and wad able to provide a solution. I have been with AutoCAD or AutoCAD like products ever since. I recently got into SolidWorks. Again, the Vector principals are applied and success! Whether it is 2D Drafting or 3D Modeling, yes I will continue to create, innovative and have fun !! .

Design Entries

Private project


  • Draftsman I Cla-Val · Full-time Jan 2024 – Present 6 mos Costa Mesa, CA, United States Create, adjust, Fix and otherwise deal with product drawings. Mechanical, (Parts & Assemblies), Schematics, Charts, etc. 2D & 3D. Acad and SW.
  • CAD Draftsman IN PLACE TECHNOLOGY INC · Full-time Jun 2022 – Sep 2023 1 yrs 3 mos Garden Grove, CA, United States Produced mechanical drawings for company products using AutoCad 2022-23 Drawings to include Assembly, Dimensions, Notation, Fasteners, Bills of Materials. Created 3D models of Parts / Assemblies ensure correct fit. Created cut patterns for Plasma CNC System.
  • CAD DEPT MGR PLANET PLEXI · Full-time Jul 2013 – Nov 2017 4 yrs 4 mos Laguna Hills, CA, United States In addition to CNC duties ----
    Designed and made mechanical drawings of acrylic displays using ACAD 2007/2014. Made patterns for CAD/CAM software (ENROUTE). Made 2D/3D drawings and models for customer approval and shop assembly. Drawing subjects to cover all aspects of projects - Mechanical / Electrical / Architectural/ Assembly.
    Converted customer raster files to vector files for use on Laser and CNC Router.
    Maintained all company PC hardware.
  • MAINTENANCE/TECH BEAUTY & HEALTH INT. · Full-time Jul 2005 – Aug 2011 6 yrs 1 mos Garden Grove, CA, United States Used AutoCAD 2007-10 for Maintenance of vitamin factory, Machine design and Product packaging.
    Illustrated 20K Sq Ft building in 3D for contractors.
    Made mechanical and electrical drawings (2D & 3D) for production equipment parts. Made Schematics for new and existing equipment. Made drawings of vitamin and cosmetic product packaging for vendors.
  • DEPT MGR/TECH/CAD SURFACE MOUNT TECHNIQUES · Full-time Sep 1996 – Nov 2002 6 yrs 2 mos Laguna Hills, CA, United States In addition to Electrical dept. management I was responsible for all Co drawings. Used AutoCAD R10 / R14 / LT for all mechanical and electrical drawings for Solder Paste Printers. Mechanical to include layout and assembly drawings. Electrical to include schematics and termination drawings.
  • WIREMAN/TECH/CAD PROGRESSIVE CONTROLS · Full-time Oct 1988 – Nov 1994 6 yrs 1 mos Brea, CA, United States Made and updated Control Panel layout and PLC Ladder logic drawings using DOS / AutoCAD R9 / R10. Maintained Pen Plotter. Made drawings for control panel switch label plates.


  • ABCO Technology's Course completion certificate, A+ / Networking + /S+, Excellent 2021 – 2022 Activities and Societies: All courses were online due to COVID. Standard Comp TIA Course
  • CALIFORNIA CAREER SCHOOL CNC CERTIFICATE, CNC CAD CAM,CNC PROGRAMMER,DESIGNER, 96% 2012 – 2013 Starting with Mathamitics and moving on to Vector file translation to G & M Code. General Machining Theory and Practice.
  • US ARMY AVIATION LOGISTICS SCHOOL - VIRGINIA DEPLOMA, AIRFRAME REPAIR, A 1984 – 1984 Course work to include AA Bullet hole repair (Made by RUDE Communist), Corrosion mitigation, Part Fabrication, Mechanical Fastners to include Rivet's, Blind Rivets, Threaded Bolts, Sleeve & Collar Fastners, Adhesives, ETC

Other experience

  • Industrial Control Wireman Wired Control Panels for various companies. Customers to include NASA, USPS, Shell Oil, Parker Hanifen, Nabisco, General Mills, Kendell Mc Gaw, several County's and City Municipality's.