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PROCAD is the name of a range of products focused on piping design, plant design, and electrical design. Every PROCAD product actually acts as an add-on to AutoCAD. These products work fine with every version of AutoCAD even the latest one, but they are unsuitable for AutoCAD LT. Every PROCAD app is available in two different formats. Standard PROCAD apps are add-ons that can be used in AutoCAD. They are perfect for those who have AutoCAD. On the other hand, PROCAD+ apps include built-in CAD platform and they are the best solution for companies that don’t have any kind of CAD software. 

At Cad Crowd, we have developed a network of CAD design freelancers from around the world that are ready to help you with any kind of CAD drafting or design activity. We have a community that includes professional, experienced freelance project managers, industrial designers, architects, engineers, graphic designers, drafting technicians and other profiles of professionals. Individuals and organizations that need skilled freelance PROCAD designer with excellent knowledge, can always count on Cad Crowd. We are the best place for talented PROCAD designers and drafters.

PROCAD is the generic name of a software suite that includes a number of useful programs. PROCAD 3DSMART includes a few apps professional need to create a comprehensive 3D piping design solution. This program can export and import DWG files, model steel structures, generate 2D plans and more. 

PROCAD 2D and PROCAD 2D+ is piping drafting and design software based on AutoCAD. It represents a smart solution for all your needs. Furthermore, SPOOLCAD and SPOOLCAD+ comes with the functionality that PROCAD ISOMETRIC has. But, in addition, it comes with some specific features and the useful Shop Setting Manager app. This is one of the best pipe fabrication options for isometric drafting. Finally, PROCAD Advantage BOM allows users to generate global BOM reports based on customer sent IDF or PCF files to support the bidding process. 

If you choose Cad Crowd as your partner, you can rest assured that you are dealing with designers you can trust. Cad Crowd connects every client with top-notch, qualified and experienced professionals. They have the knowledge, expertise, and qualifications and on top of that, all these things were tested many times. We have designers that can start working on your project (regardless of its size) remotely right away. They are usually working individually, but they can easily fit in any team of professionals if needed. Eliminate all the issues related to online hiring by using the help of professional designers found on Cad Crowd. 

Rely on the PROCAD services provided by our freelancers. Send us additional info about your project. We'll provide you with a free quote. Based on the specific requirements of your project, we'll select the ideal CAD freelancer to help you reach your goals. 

There is no doubt that PROCAD is a very helpful software tool, but this is just one of the many CAD design tools that our designers have mastered. If you need help with any similar software tool, feel free to look for an adequate freelancer on Cad Crowd. 

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I am a Mechanical Engineer with 5 years of experienced working as a Piping Engineer under the No.1 Plant Piping and Layout Department at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., both in the Philippines and in Japan, where I designed and showcased various power plant equipment for the use of O&M manuals, Pipe Detailing and 3D Piping Design. When I migrated in Canada I worked as a Piping Designer for an EPCM company for more than 3 1/2 years, wherein, I accomplished a lot of As-Built, 3D Piping and Layout, and Pipe Detailing for various Oil & Gas companies. My passion to Mechanical design and 3D modeling led me to further my study in AutoCAD, way back 2002 and since then, I keep on upgrading my skills.
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Founded in 1980, Hardcastle Designs Ltd. has over 30 years experience providing expert design and drafting solutions to our clients in the oil & gas industry. Our extensive archive of diverse projects often provides a template for new projects, saving you money and resulting in earlier completion. A fully qualified staff combined with the best rates in the industry ensures that your work packages are delivered on time, on spec and on budget.
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I have over 25 years of drafting experience
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