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I am a Mechanical Engineer with 5 years of experienced working as a Piping Engineer under the No.1 Plant Piping and Layout Department at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., both in the Philippines and in Japan, where I designed and showcased various power plant equipment for the use of O&M manuals, Pipe Detailing and 3D Piping Design. When I migrated in Canada I worked as a Piping Designer for an EPCM company for more than 3 1/2 years, wherein, I accomplished a lot of As-Built, 3D Piping and Layout, and Pipe Detailing for various Oil & Gas companies. My passion to Mechanical design and 3D modeling led me to further my study in AutoCAD, way back 2002 and since then, I keep on upgrading my skills.
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Hardcastle Designs
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Founded in 1980, Hardcastle Designs Ltd. has over 30 years experience providing expert design and drafting solutions to our clients in the oil & gas industry. Our extensive archive of diverse projects often provides a template for new projects, saving you money and resulting in earlier completion. A fully qualified staff combined with the best rates in the industry ensures that your work packages are delivered on time, on spec and on budget.
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I have over 25 years of drafting experience
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