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2,779 / 28,454
Skill pts: 6


Experienced engineer with over 10 years experience as a product development design engineer. I utilize the latest version of SolidWorks 3D modeling software to build, analyze, test and generate professional engineering drawings. I also assist in the prototype phase in order to make sure that first article built is errors free and is ready for next phase of production.
San Jose State University, San JoseBachelors, Mechanical Engineering, 2000Design concentration.
Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, Oakland, CACertificate, Technician, 1992
Fluid Components International, CaProduct Development Engineer 08/2010 – Present• Design and test new enclosure assembly for new product. • Conduct preliminary testing for CRN, FM and ATEX approvals.• Responsible for generating engineering drawings.• Supervise SolidWorks drafter.
Flowserve Co, Vernon, CaProject Engineer (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)/(hidden)• Study customer data sheet and scope of supply. • Generate pump configuration layout and initiate an engineering design review (phase gate 2). • Interface with project managers, customers and vendors throughout the project cycle.• Troubleshoot all incurring issues during the build phase ECO’s, NCR’s, SDR’s.• Use Agile (Product Lifecycle Management) to create & update parts, drawings and BOM’s.• Collaborate with engineering group to streamline design process and lower cost of reworking pumps after testing.
Energy innovations, Pasadena, CaMechanical Engineer, (hidden)/(hidden)• Collaborated in refining and redesigning components of state of the art solar panel.• Used Solidworks and PDMworks to process and document drawings.
Wetdesign corp, Burbank, CaMechanical Engineer, (hidden)/(hidden) – (hidden)• Involved in the design and development of a water delivery, from concept to prototype to single article using Solidworks 3D design package.• Interface with material engineers to choose the right material for bearings, shaft, gaskets, etc.• Continued involvement with multiple projects.
Fluid research, Tustin, CAMechanical Engineer, (hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)• Designed a new dispensing machine.• Rework the design and configuration of our most (single shot dispensing machine).• Help design engineering team transition from 2D to 3D drawings using Solidworks design package software.
Tegal Corporation, Petaluma, CAMechanical Engineer, (hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)• Re-configured system design to accommodate newer parts and components.• Used Co-Create 3D CoCreate Solid Designer to check for interferences, accessibility and control.• Designed test fixtures for high vacuum plasma deposition chamber.• Helped with system design and reconfiguration to meet customer specifications.
Ross Cook, San Jose, CAMechanical Engineer, (hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)• Developed design concepts in vacuum systems.• Performed analysis and calculations prior to design of particular pump or compressor.• Converted and organized 2D drawing into 3D CAD models using SolidWorks.• Used FEA (COSMOS) software to predict the vibration of compressor shaft at different loads. • Tested units according with ASME standards.Turner Design Corporation, Sunnyvale, CAAssociate Mechanical Engineer, (hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)• Presented alternative designs to engineering staff and clients, establishing acceptance of new methods and standards.• Performed design, drafting of components using SolidWorks 3D CAD software to create assembly drawings, and 2D drawings.• Implemented ECO/BOMs.United State Navy Reserve, Santa Clara, CAAircraft Maintenance Technician, (hidden)/(hidden)/(hidden)• Maintained C130 transport planes.• Aided a team of ground support of A6 intruders at Top Gun Miramar, San Diego.• Participated in two missions: Sigonela, Italy and Atsugi, Japan.
ADDITIONAL SKILLS• Computer Skills: SolidWorks, CoCreate Solid Designer, AutoCAD 2000, C++, HTML, Microsoft Office, AS/400• Languages: Fluent in Arabic/French/English
LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS• Airframe & Power plant (A&P) tech - Sierra Academy
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS• Member - American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)



Oakland, AR, United States