VP & Sr. Piping Designer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Vice President
• Business Operations & Development
• Innovation & Design For Oil and Gas
• Marketing Stradegy & Development
• Web Design & Development

Strategic collaboration for direction of the company and responsible for carrying out the strategic plan through overseeing operations, developing functional roles and assigning responsibilities to employees.

Sr. Piping Designer
• 3D Piping designs for various oil and gas process plants re generators, compressors, storage tanks, pipe racks, & Coolers
• 3D Equipment layout, checking & designs for contactors, filters, exchangers, scrubbers, coolers, and storage tanks. for Refinery. (Hand Sketches, P&ID/Field walk downs, As-Built)
• P&ID's/manual drafting

-Bentley Autoplant
-CAD system management, AutoCAD 2000-2008
-ProCAD (AutoFLOW, AutoISO, and AutoORTHO.)
- 3D Piping & Equipment Modeling
-P&ID’s/manual drafting


Joined: December 20, 2012

Area of Expertise


Alberta, Canada