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Electrical and Instrumentation engineers can help you manage, design and install your next machines or control systems. These professionals are highly trained in various technical fields to help you create and design instruments which can monitor and measure temperature, pressure, radiation, voltage, and other variables. They can also set up and maintain other computer aided complex instrumentations. As this field is vital to various industries including manufacturing, electrical, chemical, automotive and much more, electrical and instrumentation engineers can specialize in different areas. 

Our designers have expertise in creating and designing different instrumentations. Designers with expertise both in electrical and instrumentation design can help you create models, drafts, layouts and circuiting which can be vital for instrumentation planning and your project's success. By combining instrumental and electrical engineering skills, you can be sure that your final product will be of high quality. Let us hear about your project needs, to find one of our professional freelance community members, whose expertise best fits your project requirements. 

By hiring your next freelance team member via Cad Crowd, you will not only acquire highly-skilled, acknowledged professional but also a passionate designer who aims to exceed your expectations. As our community members are top-tier talents, by hiring an electrical and instrumental designer online, you can gain access to the right type of expertise and skills, which can get you one step closer to achieving your project goals.

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K G Saju
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An adept individual with a keen interest in the field of Electrical designing, in pursuit of a career that helps in the development of my personality through the fulfillment of the organizational goals. My strengths include great electrical designing skills, people and time management, strong communication and interpersonal skills. I am a go-getter and work hard to achieve my goals. I am a diploma holder in electrical engineering with more than 20 years of experience and since 2000 I am working for a US based multinational automation company, which mainly deals with AC Drives, DC Drives, Higher rating thyristor bridges, MCC, PCC, Capacitor panel, CLX panels and Flex I/Os panels. Through this rich experience I have gained good knowledge in electrical switch gears and various electrical standards like NEMA and IEC. Also I realize the value of customer satisfaction and trust. I am specialized in designing layout diagrams (GA and IGA), SLD, Schematic diagrams, Cable tray layouts, Room layouts and Bill of Materials for all kinds of electrical panels. I do the panel sizing, switch gear selection and cable schedules independently. I am also an expert in designing control scheme (Ladders) for interlocking of power and control circuits. For schematic drawings I use all the features in AutoCAD electrical.
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Habz ID in Batam
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I am an engineer
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My work experience can be summarized in participating in detail design and design review of several Oil and Gas related EPC project which can be summarized as follows: - OMAN SRIP PROJECT as a SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER: o Responsible for whole project vendor designed packages and their review, developing logic and control narratives for coke drum sequence control system, leading I/O database work, design review for machine monitoring and protection, DCS and SIS system - SAUDI ELASTOMER PROJECT as a SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER: o Responsible for whole project vendor designed packages and their review, developing logic, cause and effect, control and safeguarding narratives of the whole EPC project, leading I/O database work, design review for machine monitoring and protection, DCS and SIS system as a SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER - SOUTH PARS PHASEs (Phase 12, Phase 17 and 18) as an INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER, SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER and shortly promoted to DEPUTY OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT: o Responsibilities: Principal detail design work for several related Demin water, waste water and polishing water units as a INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER, SENIOR INSTRUMENT & CONTROL ENGINEER and shortly promoted to DEPUTY OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT. My skills can be summarized as in developing required detail instrument and control documents for EPC projects (Control narratives, C&E, S.G. Narrative, Logic, Index, Cable routing, etc., package or detail design review, design leadership and highly qualified in working with Autocad, and M.S. Office, programming and etc. The key strengths and achievement that I possess for success which make me very competitive candidate for the above position are as follows: • Receiving Award of Excellence of Year 2014 as the best instrument engineer in a reputable EPC Company, due to EPC project cost saving of more than 5,000,000 USD. • Leading package design works for more than 39 packages for SAUDI Elastomer project and more than 20 packages for OMAN SRIP project. Those packages include Utility boilers and water, air and oil utilities, several gas and air reciprocating and centrifugal compressors and etc. • Leading the design work for the Vibration monitoring and condition monitoring system of above projects • Developing the control and safeguarding narrative and logic works of SEP project (SAUDI Elastomer Project) • Leading the instrument database works for above projects • Being involved in various turbine control scenarios and I believe myself as a turbine control specialist. • Promotion from principal to senior to lead instrument engineer and finally to vice of deputy of engineering management in a process package vendor company within short period of time due to the high technical and leading skills • Leading detail design works of packages in vendor companies with variety of abilities including detail design, PLC programming and etc. • Leading and also carrying out the detail design, procurement and some parts of the constructions steps of more than four EPC process and utility units in Oil and Gas Industries worldwide as a vendor package detail designer and reviewer. • My strong analytical and forward looker mind, punctuality, perseverance, excellence and development seeking characters have led to more accurate, efficient and cost saving designs • Cost effectiveness along with better efficiency is one of the aims is being sought and I believe that engineering is a trade-off between the cost and the efficient design With a BS degree in Instrument and Control Engineering, I have a very good knowledge of process control and instrumentation, high leadership potential and energy levels, very strong analytical mind and deep detail-oriented skills, multitask handling abilities, responsible, creative and strong technical experience, very motive, super active and highly efficient and all this is owing to my educational backgrounds and absolutely my past experience in research then in detail design, then design review of small to enormous EPC project as well as conducting detail design leadership as a senior instrument and control engineer. Attached, you can find my resume for your kind consideration. I can be reached anytime via email at aj.naji.h@gmail.com or my cell phone, +1-830-309-0843
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Daniel Gillenwater Profile Professional: · Project management, from conception to as built. · Construction planning and coordination. · Low and medium voltage power system design and construction. · Process control and automation design and construction. · Creating and interpreting Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. · CEM system design, construction, calibration and maintenance. · Familiar with NEC, NFPA, CFR40 parts 53, 60 and 75. · Provide electrical safety and arc-flash training · Electrical equipment field service and testing.   Personal: · Recognized as a focused self motivated person who is always willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done right and on time.   Computer software skills: · Microsoft; Windows and Office Suite · Autodesk; Auto Cad · Rockwell; RS Logix  for Allen Bradley PLCs · SKM power tools · Easy Power
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Raghavendra Kumar
Member Since: 2016-02-21
Electrical Engineer, Computer Programmer, Gamer and Photographer.
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Member Since: 2016-06-01
Hello! My name is Valerii. I'm professional BMS design engineer, and Power electrical engineer. I'm looking for new projects (freelance) in Building automation and/or Power electrical. If You have some projects in this case, I can do it. About me I have 5 years experience in designing. Last two years I worked like single (independent) engineer (or in small team (3 engineers) where I was senior engineer). I'm interesting in civil, industrial objects, cottages, flats, warehouses. What designs can I do: 1) CCTV: 2) Lightning protection and earthing 3) Lighting (outdoor including) 4) Electrical (Power electrical) 5) Building automation (from field to server); 6) Instrumental and control 7) SKS My expirience in power electrical design: 1) lightning protection and earthing: - completed near 50 objects (two Sea ports, and 1 grain elevator) - can do it on Bettermann, or other manufature. Designig passive lighning protection and active lightning protection - make calculation for lightning protection and earthing; 2) lighting: - completed three objects in Moscow for outdoor lighting with calculation; - working with DiaLux 3) Power electrical design: - completed 18 object of different sizes (most of all it was civil objects; two small objects was completed for Sea port); - I can design automatic input of the reserve; - I have improve skills in calculation. Create Electrical load list is not problem for me; - Electrical single line diagram. I can work with ABB programm, or make it in Autocad; - designing DDC panels - electrical load list - cable trench loyout - cable schedule - cable sizing volt drop calculations 4) I&C design: - I designed BMS system for plant of rigs in Russia (National Oilwell Varco); - I designed BMS system for "METRO" - building automation and control designing included: HVAC, heating system, lighting, room automation, fancoils, gas analys, boiler house, water supply system. - designing MCC panels; - designing fro field equipment to PLC$ - designing BACnet, LON, Modbus network - I/O List for DCS/PLC - instrumentation location How much I will take for designing not so much. For example: Civil object (25 000 sq.m) Building automation (near 1000 points), I took 2500 USD; IF YOU ARE INTERESTIONG OF ME, PLEASE WRITE ME A LETTER. ALSO I CAN SEND MY PROJECTS. Best regards, Engineer, Valerii Didenko
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Oussama Baaziz
Member Since: 2017-01-12
I am an Electro-mechanical engineer, I am a highly skilled industrial designer and I have about 10-years’ experience in the design and development of products,molds and machines by CAD-modeling, simulation and prototyping using Solidworks and Catia V5. All forms which you can see around and imagine into your mind I can digitalize by 3D CAD design. I offer you an excellent work within the agreed delay with just 15 USD / hr
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Engr. Arifin
Member Since: 2015-01-15
Objective: Continuous Improvement of Manpower, Engineering & Material management to achieve highest quality, safety, return in design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation & maintenance of the plant/factory/engineering services. Skills: Power Plant Management, Project Management, Contracts & Agreements, Expert in Operation & Maintenance of power plant, Expert in Power plant design, Expert in electrical equipment sizing & electrical design, Expert in Gas Engine Based/ HFO Engine Based/ Duel Fuel Based/Steam Turbine Based/Gas Turbine Based power plant, Experienced in oil processing plant, Gas processing plant, Gas regulating & processing plant, Very good communication ability, Innovative, Hardworking, Cost conscious, Quality conscious, OHES awareness. Details of Professional Experiences: i) a) Employer : WARTSILA Bangladesh Ltd. b) Position :Senior Superintendent Engr.(Electrical)/Electrical Advisor c) Responsibilities : 1) Supervision of the operation of the WARTSILA HFO Engines (6x8.924MW DFEG/WV2032)& auxiliaries. 2) Supervision of breakdown & schedule electrical maintenance of the WARTSILA Engines of the 50MW power plant. 3) Executing OJT on operation & electrical maintenance of the Engines & Auxiliaries of the power plant. 4) Preparation of warranty feedback for the 50MW power plant regarding electrical related problems. 5) Advise on improvement & troubleshooting of the engine & auxiliary equipment problems. d) Duration : From 14.09.11 to till date. ii) a) Employer : Barakatullah Electro Dynamics Ltd. b) Position : Plant Manager c) Responsibilities : 1) Manpower management of the 50MW power plant (19x2.92MW GEG, maker- Jenbacher) . 2) Material management of the 50MW power plant. 3) Management of maintenance & operation of 51MW power plant comprised of GEG ‘s of Jenbacher. 4) Manage to execute & maintain the ISO documents of the power plant. d) Duration : From 03.08.11 to 12.09.11 iii) a) Employer : Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Limited b) Position : Deputy General Manager (Electrical) c) Responsibilities: 1) Managing manpower of the electrical department. 2) Managing materials/equipments of the electrical department. 3) Managing electrification of Ships under construction. 4) Managing breakdown & schedule maintenance of the yard machineries. d) Duration : From 02.05.11 to 31.06.11. iv) a) Employer : Energypprima Limited b) Position : Plant Manager c) Responsibilities : 1) Managing the manpower of the 20MW power plant under construction. 2) Managing the purchasing of the additional material/equipments required for the Gas Engine Generators.(3x3.3MW DEUTZ, 5x2.1MW WARTSILA GEG ,2x2.8MW NIGATA GEG). 3) Managing the supervision of erection of the necessary civil works, Engine auxiliaries, piping, fans, cabling, air-compressors, pumps, air intake filters, silencers, cooling towers, engine gas modules, Piping from gas engines & Metering, Power Transformers 2x15MVA, Switch-gears, of the 20MW Power plant. 4) Managing the modification of old electrical control panels like M.C.C, GCP. 5) Engagement of erection contractors for the auxiliaries. 6) Managing the commissioning of the 3x3.3MW Deutz GEG, Switchgears, 2xStation Transformers,2xPower Transformers, GAS RMS, Gas Modules, Air Compressors. 7) Supervision of breakdown maintenance of plant equipments. 8) Preparation of contracts, agreements, monthly budgets, necessary documents & reports. 9) Managing the allocated supply of sanctioned gas for the power plant. 10)Managing the Industry Inspection pass certificate. d) Duration : From 18.08.09 to 31.03.11. v) a) Employer : GBB Power Limited,24MW Bogra Rental Power Plant. b) Position : Deputy General Manager. c) Responsibilities : 1) Managing the manpower of the 24MW Rental power plant (6x3.86MW DEUTZ Engine TCG2032). 2) Managing the smooth operation & maintenance of the power plant. 3) Improvement of the Plant Systems of 24MW Gas Engine based power plant comprised of 6x3.86MW GEG. 4) Managing the Testing /commissioning of the 35MVA, 11/33KV Transformer,2x 1.6MVA station Transformers. 5) Managing the Testing/Commissioning of the six no. DEUTZ Gas Engine generators, Gas RMS,Air-Compressors,. 6) Preparation of monthly budget, employee assessment, training & development of the operation & maintenance manpower. 7) Trend analysis & decision making in operating the power plant. 8) Trouble shooting of the Engine & electrical equipment problems. 9) Arrangement of timely execution of preventive maintenance of the plant equipments. 10) Managing the documentation of the tests & commissioning reports. 11) Managing the schedule spares, consumable spares, breakdown spares in time. d) Duration : From 12.02.08 to 17.06.09. vi) a) Employer : Al-Toukhi Industry,Trading & Contracting,KSA. b) Position : Electrical Engineer. c) Responsibilities: 1) Supervision of installation & commissioning of the H.V/ L.V Switch-Gears, Generator, Battery Chargers, Lighting system for the 65MW Gas Turbine Power Plant. d) Duration : From 22.06.07 to 10.12.07. vii)a) Employer : RAAD Technologies & Consultants b) Position : Managing Director c) Responsibilities: 1) Electrical design of commercial buildings & shopping center. 2) Design of CNG Filling Station. d) Duration : From May 2005 to June 2007. viii)a) Employer : H.P Chemicals Ltd. b) Position : Electrical Engineer. c) Responsibilities: 1) Verification of the electrical design &Finalizing of the single line drawing of the power plant distribution system. 2) Design of dormitory electrification. 3) Arrange & execute the commissioning of the captive power plant (1x 1.3MW DEUTZ Gas & 1x612 KW DEUTZ Diesel engine ) 4) Purchasing of additional electrical materials/equipments like cables, switchgears, PFI plant, earthing pipes, lights, Circuit Breakers, Panels, lighting poles, ventilation fans. 5) Design, Supervision of installation & commissioning of lighting system. 6) Arrange to perform the maintenance of Motors/Generators, Switchgears. 7) Managing the smooth operation of the power plant. d) Duration : From October 2003 to April 2005. ix)a) Employer : Technics Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd, Singapore. b) Position : E & I Engineer. c) Responsibilities : 1) Electrical Design /Instrument specification data sheet/hook up drawing/heat tracing/loop diagram/cable sizing& quantity verification. 2) Purchasing of Instruments like PG,PT,TT,TI,FT,LT,LG,PS,TS,LS,CV,SDV for the oil processing plant PIG Launcher, Metering Station, Mud gas separator & other small skids of 14no.s. 2) Purchasing of electrical materials like cables, junction boxes, Accessories, heat tracing system. 3) Supervising installation of Instruments, tubing, cable laying, cable termination of all the 14 skids.. 5) Engagement of Subcontractors for electrical & instrumental works for the oil processing plant skids. 6) Verification of the documentation of the project. d) Duration : 04.06.01 to 23.12.02. x) a) Employer : Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd.,Singapore b) Position : Electrical Foremen. c) Responsibilities : 1) Supervising the new installation Fire Protection, Gas Detection, V-Sat, Gyro Systems. 2) Maintenance/Overhauling of shipboard electrical equipments Generators, Motors, Switchgears 3) Instrumental installation work for FPSO in the topside modules. 4) Re-establishment of electrical part of shipyard crane. 5) Maintenance of the Biggest Power saw of the yard. 6) Engagement of Sub-contractors. 7) Documentation of the ship electrical systems for the new installation d) Duration : From July 1999 to May 2001. xi) a) Employer : Karnaphuli fertilizer Company Ltd. b) Position : Asstt. Engineer (Maintenance). c) Responsibilities : 1) Performing Operation of 25 MW Power Plant (2x10MW steam Turbine Generator ,1x4MW Duel Fuel Engine Generator, 1x1MW Diesel Engine Generator) as assistant shift in charge. 2) Maintaining the Log sheet of the Generators. 3) Trend analysis of the Generators, Turbines & Engines. 4) Experienced the installation, testing& commissioning of the Captive power plant of 25MW d) Duration : From 28.07.1993 to 03.04.1999. Professional Trainings : Sl no. Name of the Course Name of the Institute Duration 1 Electrical Equipments & Systems Maintenance T.I.C.I(Training Institute of Chemical Industries) 06 Months 2 Automatic Process Control & Sequential Logic Operation. T.I.C.I(Training Institute of Chemical Industries) 02 Weeks 3 H2O2 Electrical System Heilong Jiang Chemical Group Co. Ltd,China 02Weeks 4 H2 Plant Electrical System Sichuan Alley High Tec Co. Ltd, China. 02Weeks Computer Skill : MS-WORD, EXCEL,MS-Project, AUTOCAD. Membership: Fellow of Institute of Engineers Bangladesh. Educational Profile : Name of Exam Year Group Division & Marks Obtained Board / University H.S.C 1986 Science 1st Div(Star),750(out of 1000) Rajshahi Board,Bangladesh B.Sc Engineering 1992 October Electrical & Electronic 1st Class 3rd,CGPA-3.32(out of 4.0) Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Rajshahi,Bangladesh Personal Information: Name: Md.Ashraful Arifin Fathers Name:Late Md.Khatib Uddin Mothers Name: Mrs.Asfia Begum Contact Telephone: Cell:+8801715116985/+8801755563873 Email:mdashraful@hotmail.com Present Address:C/O-Banshbari,Ruppur,Sahjadpur,Sirajgonj. Permanent Address: Newjummapara,Rangpur Date of Birth:01-01-1969 Religion: Islam Nationality: Bangladeshi Marital Status: Married Qualification: B.Sc Engr.(EE) Profess. Experiences: 18Years __________________________ Engr. Md.Ashraful Arifin B.Sc in Engg.(E&E) FIEB
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Gary Maughan
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