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Hire CAD Designer near San Jose

Cad Crowd offers freelance CAD design services for entrepreneurs and firms of all sizes. We are different from other online CAD companies as we take a tailored approach when dealing with clients. We want to make sure your needs are met by taking a look at your project details and connecting you directly with a freelancer who possesses the skills and experience needed to see your project through from concept to reality. We have a pool of pre-qualified and vetted individuals who are ready to take up the design challenges of your CAD project. Simply send us your project details to get a free quote!

Whether your project involves the creation of a new product, machine, or structure, it's critically important that the technical drawings are accurate, especially in the early design stages. These drawings serve as instructions when the project shifts to the production phase. Everything the project needs is specified in the drawings. This calls for the expertise of a designer who can accurately translate your vision into a technical drawing. You can find such an individual here at Cad Crowd, a gathering place of the best and brightest freelance engineers and designers.

Here at Cad Crowd, we understand how important it is to get the right person for a CAD project. This is why we take a personalized approach with clients: we take into account the needs of your project and connect you directly to a vetted, top-ranking CAD designer with the necessary skills and experience to help you from start to finish. We are also able to offer a wide range of services, from 3D modeling all the way to simulation and analysis. 

CAD programs have also helped our freelancers be more efficient with their services. Be it creating a part for a new medical device or making a realistic rendering of a soon-to-be-built bridge, CAD solutions have profoundly improved the workflow of designers and engineers. We have designers who can use SolidWorks to create fully detailed parts and production-level drawings as well as perform stress analysis and determine a components’ environmental impact. We also have engineers who know how to use the tools provided by Creo for 3D solid modeling, technical surfacing, and sheet metal modeling.

CAD Crowd is proud of being able to connect product developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators with world-class CAD designers. With a wide range of expertise, our freelance designers and engineers are able to assist you every step of the way, from the conceptualization stage down to the realization of your idea. Cad Crowd is the place to be when looking for highly qualified individuals who can provide top-notch services. 

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