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Designer Life Engineering

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Akash Deep

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Patent Illustration

Design patents have been around for hundreds of years. The United States Patent & Trade Office has been around since 1790 and submitting an invention application back then meant including an accompanying illustration of an applicant's invention. That is still true today, especially when a visual is crucial to explaining the invention.

The problem is, you can be a brilliant at thinking of ideas but not have the drawing skills required to properly illustrate what your product does. Luckily, you can hire a patent illustration designer to help you out. And you can find a talented group of individuals right here at Cad Crowd.

We are a gathering place of many freelance designers and engineers from all over the world. Included in the community are patent illustration freelancers who have varying levels of skill and experience. Since we spend a lot of time vetting members of our community, we have insight on the exact talent you are looking for.

Our vetting process functions as a guarantee that who we recommend to you is a world-class worker capable of carrying out what is asked of them. A number of our members have worked for top patent illustration companies and as such, they know what goes into the submission of a patent application.

In the past, drawings used to resemble works of art. They contained so much detail and would undoubtedly take a long time to produce. Over time, detailed works became very simple line drawings. While you don't necessarily have to submit an illustration with the quality expected from the great masters, you can still send in one that is a step up simple line drawings. That is made possible with CAD programs that patent illustration modelers use to create designs.

When submitting a patent application, you will most likely need to make more than one view of the invention. Doing so is necessary to properly understand exactly what you product is meant to do. There are different ways to present your product and a patent illustration engineer will execute the exact views you need. When you work with a patent illustration modeler from our community, they will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are in agreement.

The drawings for your invention have to follow certain rules set forth by patent offices. A patent illustration freelancer can help you with such a task. Although hiring an expert patent illustration designer is not required, the less artistically inclined can benefit from having a skilled individual translate ideas into designs.

Some inventions do benefit from multiple views, be it exploded views, partial views, or sectional views. If you don't possess the necessary skill to execute such drawings, it's best to hire patent illustration designers to help you out. And if you're looking for the best patent illustration services, look no further than Cad Crowd.

We can connect you with a top-ranking patent illustration engineers from our community so you can immediately get started on your project. Get in touch with us to start working with a world-class freelance patent illustration engineer.

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