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Wasim Shaikh $13/hr

Wasim Shaikh

NozzlePro Designer

  • Structural Design
  • FEA
  • FEA Analysis
  • Simulation
  • FEM Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • CAD Design
  • FEA Simulation Engineering
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Last updated: May 29, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring NozzlePro Designers

NozzlePro is a program that addresses the needs of PVP engineers working in today’s industry. It is designed to easily and swiftly evaluate a variety of apparatuses, including clips, pipe shoes, nozzles, and saddles. There are a number of different head types that are allowed, and those include ASME, elliptical, spherical, conical, dishes, and cylindrical. This makes it a useful program for engineers of all kinds, and Cad Crowd is here to ensure that you are able to make the most out of it. At Cad Crowd, we have a great number of NozzlePro freelancers who are ready to take on your project and see it to its completion in the most efficient way possible.

NozzlePro allows those who use it to use brick modeling and axisymmetric capabilities in order to work with a select number of geometries. This helps to give a more accurate evaluation and analysis of cyclic pressure stress that is found within thick walled geometries. NozzlePro is able to grant the user access to pipe away from any sort of piping junction of NozzlePro's, letting them pipe into a cylinder or a head of any type. This includes linear restraints, elbows, intersections, and bends, which can all be used in the analyzation process.

NozzlePro is ideal for use in a variety of situations. It can be used when there are several different operating or thermal loads that are being used on the nozzle, or when the nozzle is pad enforced. When there are loads acting on a run pipe and a nozzle at the same time, NozzlePro is especially useful. It is ideal for use when a large lug is being used on a heavy cyclic service as well, and when seismic horizontal loads are being evaluated on box supports or on vessel clips.

The NozzlePro program is able to perform API 57 calculations both on a level one, level two, and level three basis. The local thinning area approach is able to be used in order to handle those tougher level three analyses. Many flaws can be allowed in the analysis for you to analyze, so that you can move through them more quickly, saving you plenty of time and money both when using the Cad Crowd NozzlePro services and when you begin to produce the project. This will eliminate the need for you to make changes once manufacturing or even prototype is happening.

Through Cad Crowd, you can work with the best of the best in terms of NozzlePro freelancers. We offer a great number of freelance NozzlePro designers or higher who have all been vetted and proven their ability to take on any sort of projects--even yours. Feel free to browse the profiles and portfolios on our site to find the right freelancer, or trust your project to us and let us find the one that best suits your needs. Whichever path you choose to take, it all starts when you contact us today to get a free pricing quote for your project.

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