15 Questions to Ask Your 3D Rendering Company & Services Firms

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3D rendering is the process of converting 3D models into 2D images. In this post, you will learn the top 15 questions to ask a 3D rendering company and services firms to ensure that you work with the right people to produce those images. For instance, if you are looking for a 3D furniture rendering company, you need to know whether the company is using 3D models to showcase the unique purpose of every piece of furniture, equipment, or property. A firm or designer, for example, can use 3D renderings to illustrate an item’s specifications and intricate details, emphasizing the unique qualities of the design. 

What is the purpose of 3D models?

2D to 3D modeling services can also produce more realistic renderings of ordinary objects like chairs to better show the natural beauty of the wood. It can set the chair apart from others while giving it a distinct personality. If you are selling your property, you need to show potential buyers what makes it a better option than similar properties. One of the best ways to do precisely just that is through imagery. Since photoshoots aren’t cheap, working with a 3D rendering professional may be a more affordable option.

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The advantage of virtual tours

Most real estate firms today consider the development of 3D virtual reality rendering to limit face-to-face contact while ensuring that their clients only need to see the properties they particularly love in person. But here’s the tricky part. It isn’t always easy to choose the right 3D rendering company and service firm. After all, there are a lot of factors to consider. How will you know if the 3D rendering service will follow all your instructions without missing out on anything? To find out whether a 3D rendering company can stay true to its word, all you have to do is ask the simple questions below:

15 Questions to Ask Your 3D Rendering Company & Services Firms

1. Can you provide work samples and references?

A skilled and professional 3D rendering company and service firm will have a diverse and extensive portfolio. When looking for the right team to work with, check whether they have previously worked on similar projects. Thus, it is a wise move to ask former or current clients about their 3D rendering services. Doing so will help you understand their abilities. If the first company you find is not too well-versed in 3D renderings, they may still be able to refer you to the best 3D rendering firm to assist you with the requirements of your project. 

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2. Can you define 3D rendering for me?

You will almost certainly encounter 3D renderings in your everyday life, whether reading a magazine, watching your favorite cartoons, viewing digital billboards while shopping, or taking public transportation on your way to work. Marketers and others use 3D rendered images as effective and powerful visual content. A 3D rendering is a digital image that shows three-dimensional environments or objects. These are made using specialized software to create stylized or realistic images from a set of instructions known as a 3D model. 

3D model design services offer mathematical representations of three-dimensional objects, for example, a character in a video game, an automobile, or a building. The models are made with the help of specialized software that inputs the colors, dimensions, and other details about the object. The completed model can then be used to develop a 3D rendering. 

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  • 3D renderings can be made for any purpose that requires three-dimensional environments or objects.
  • 3D renderings are typically used for marketing purposes. 
  • 3D renderings can create images of projected buildings and other similar structures.
  • 3D renderings can be utilized to develop 3D photorealistic rendering images of objects that don’t exist yet, like a gadget or an automobile.  

Although 3D rendered images have generally become a staple of everyday life, they are far from being simple behind the scenes. A 3D rendering company must therefore be able to define it for you right from the get-go.

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3. Have any of your previous clients been unsatisfied with your 3D rendering service?

Now, this is something that no one wants to talk about, but it is vital to know what will happen when something goes wrong during the project. Make sure you ask the 3D rendering company what they have previously done to fix problems with any unsatisfied clients. Ask for a settlement that the two parties can agree on. Rather than blaming the customer, a good service provider will learn from a challenging experience and move on. 

You also need to check if issues were appropriately handled or were only localized. Of course, it is normal for concept and design 3D rendering services to have disgruntled customers now and then. Sometimes, the main reason for conflict is the client’s lack of understanding of how the technology works. The company may also explain why additional funding is necessary for some amendments and changes. 

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4. Have you got any recommendations from working on this particular type of project? 

The best 3D rendering companies and services firms often work on various projects, such as exterior and interior rendering projects, gardens and pools, and residential and commercial. Don’t miss out on the chance to ask for their feedback and recommendations for your project.

5. Do you offer a test assignment?

Perhaps you find the company’s portfolio satisfactory enough, but you still have second thoughts for some reason. To help make your decision, you might want to ask the company if they offer a test assignment. You will only pay for it after it is done and you have confirmed that you want to continue your working relationship with the service provider. This is a fundamental question to ask even before you reach for your wallet and sign on that dotted line. 

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6. How do I determine that your 3D renderings are good enough?

This question is easy to answer. All you have to do is check the company’s quality of work by browsing its 3D animation design service portfolio. However, if there isn’t one available, and all you get are verbal explanations with no tangible samples, then it might be time for you to take your money elsewhere. 


7. How do you calculate the cost of each project?

Most 3D rendering companies publish their price list on their official website. However, keep in mind that, more often than not, these numbers are only rough estimates. You can ask them for a quote to get a better idea of how much your project will cost. If you receive the quote and you see a few unfair charges included without good reason, you know that you will be better off with more honest providers. 

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8. How does your team communicate with clients?

It is essential to know who to contact in the company and how to do so if you ever have questions or need to discuss changes. For example, does the 3D AutoCAD drafting service provider have unique messaging? How can you get in touch with the company if you have inquiries about your project? You might want to reconsider hiring a company with a slow response rate or one that communicates using many different media. Also, if the company doesn’t work well as a team, it might be tricky to acquire the necessary information for a seamless workflow from the other members. 

It is also helpful to learn how changes are made to your project and whether they will cost you extra. For instance, your project may have three iterations of adjustments made for free, after which you will have to make an additional payment for every change. Being the client, you need to value and appreciate the time the company has spent working on your project. It is good to communicate to your team everything the company conveys to you. Doing so will eliminate unwanted surprises, which can benefit both parties. 

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9. How do you handle feedback?

Now more than ever, online feedback is found everywhere. So, it is no longer a surprise that it has become a key aspect of any project, as it allows accessible communication, speeds up the process, and reduces the number of corrections. At first, the service provider may not feel comfortable with feedback, but the best companies will be more than happy to make the necessary changes immediately. This is also the best time to ask whether the overall price includes revisions and the number of changes the budget allows. 

10. How safe is your system? 

If your upcoming release involves intricate and delicate designs, you might also want to ask the 3D visualization expert to sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. Although it might not seem that important for your project at the moment, it may come in handy later. 

Don’t forget to ask the company about its proprietary asset policy before you sign up. Private storage or a legally enforceable contract are both good options. 

11. How long will it take to complete my project?

Just like prices, timelines are usually estimated. Make sure you clarify your exact deadlines and any possible delays during the production. A good firm will never keep you waiting. 

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12. How many people on average work on each project?

Professional 3D rendering requires a lot of time and effort, which means that a team of professional 2D-3D modeling artists can do a better job faster than just one or two artists. It would work in your best interests to ask the company about the specific number of 3D designers or artists required for each project. This is particularly important in the case of large-scale tasks. 

Companies can complete bigger projects more quickly if more hands and minds are working on them. You also need to know whether the service is adaptable enough to work on a project with other designers. It can help you save time if your need the models sooner than planned. Many 3D rendering companies and services firms have a battalion of designers working with them. If the firm you work with has a large workforce, this question might be optional. Bear in mind that one designer is not enough to work on more complex architectural projects.

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13. Can you describe your experience as a provider of 3D rendering services?

To assess the skills of a 3D rendering company, ask about any similar projects, for instance, 3D architectural rendering projects they have previously worked on and their specific approach to each one. After this, you can conduct your own investigation to learn about their opinions on specific strategies in the industry. You might want to ask if they also offer their services remotely. 

14. What is your experience in the 3D rendering industry?

So, the quality and prices are both good, but how about the company’s experience? What is the firm’s level of competency when it comes to projects of the same scale as yours? How about the results, such as reviews and images? Does the company have long-term contracts? It makes sense to confirm whether the company can bring all your ideas to life exactly as you envision them. 

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15. What 3D rendering software does your company use?

The market is filled with many innovative 3D rendering software options. See that you check whether the company you are considering is using all the latest versions. This will indicate whether the company’s 3D rendering artists are constantly learning and honing their skills, using the newest technologies to render a good visualization of your project. 


The best of the best 3D rendering companies and services firms can capture the spirit of a product and make it appear lifelike for marketing and advertising purposes. A reliable 3D rendering company worth your money will have an extensive portfolio of previous projects. Before you hire any company, don’t forget to ask all the questions above. 

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