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Are you looking to create a gorgeous swimming pool for your backyard? Or maybe you’re a swimming pool installation company, and you need help designing site plans for your upcoming projects? One of the best things you can do is hire a freelance 3D CAD designer to make a gorgeous, malleable design for your site plan. 

3D CAD modeling is the process of designing a representative, architecturally accurate 3D drawing that shows all the aspects of the object you are planning to create — in this case, a swimming pool. CAD design can often be one of the first steps taken when crafting a new design for landscaping, designing a swimming pool, or creating a piece of architecture. There are a myriad of design tools that can be leveraged to create compelling and architecturally accurate schematics, and they can give a sense of realism, depth, and visual understanding that typical blueprints are unable to match.

CAD design software, such as SolidWorks, Creo, or AutoCAD offer incredible flexibility and precision when it comes to designing a large schematic. These plans or models, however you choose to incorporate the design, will be easily adjustable in size and depth and will present an incredible visual display for your customers to observe and for you to work from. 

To facilitate the process, however, a skilled 3D designer offers the best opportunity to create a visually stunning and schematically accurate design. Using their skills, you can create a dynamic display that will give you a lifelike vision from which to construct your swimming pool, which will be a marketing highlight to show your clients, both current and prospective. 

3D CAD design, especially for a piece such as a swimming pool, is much more about dimensions and architecture than anything else. This design process will be as precise as you want it, accounting for the thickness of concrete, rebar, and any covering or coating you want to apply to the project. The designer will be able to make complex designs and shapes that are as intricate as your company is capable of making. It will be dimensionally factual and stable so that you can work directly off a 3D visualization of the final product. 

Let’s take a look at several of the benefits a Pool Studio designer can offer your business when designing and constructing swimming pools.

1. Final Product Visualization – When you hire a 3D CAD designer, you will be able to create and visualize the final product well before you begin the installation. The level of detail and accuracy that these programs can offer will make a lifelike, dynamic visual that you can observe and market well in advance of actually completing the project. 

This allows you to present it to clients as a complete design so they can make decisions on changes regarding what you have mocked up. The best part is that the design will be dimensionally accurate and stable. Any adjustments you make will automatically be connected to the other dimensions and make sure that everything continues to work correctly.

The benefit of being able to see your final product before it’s created can’t be overstated. Not only can you make adjustments on the fly and redesign the project before beginning construction, but you can use it as advertising and marketing for your current and future clients. There may be situations when the current project hasn’t been officially accepted or decided upon, but the addition of a stunning 3D CAD design can add the final push to ensure that you get the bid for that project. 

You may be able to advertise the service you have created to future clients as well, ensuring future business with each project you perform. When you can see your final vision in detail with accurate dimensions and sizing well in advance of the physical installation, your opportunities swing wide open. 

2. Improved Design Efficiency – As we mentioned above, the world of computer-aided design can work wonders. One of the great perks of using a CAD service is the efficiency that is inherent in their design process. When making a schematic, each dimension and measurement is verified and coordinated to ensure that it matches with the pieces to which it is connected. 

Once all of these pieces are verified, they work in unison. When you adjust one line, for instance, changing the length of one side of a rectangular pool to transform it into a trapezoid shape, the connected dimensions will follow suit. With one simple click of a button, the entire design shifts and readjusts itself to fit your new vision. These adjustments on the fly are incredibly useful when dealing with fickle clients who have ever-fluctuating demands in their head. 

Another efficiency benefit of using a CAD designer is that you can hand off the project in its design phase and worry about other things. Instead of having to create a sketch yourself for the upcoming project, you reach out to a designer, give them the information, and they will create a design from what you’ve given them without you having to be hands on. 

This gives you the freedom to go work on another installation, sell a new pool design to a different set of clients, or simply sit back and relax. Freelance 3D CAD designers offer flexibility and freedom so that your projects will come to life quickly and with minimal effort on your part. As a busy manager or small business owner, however your company is structured, this will only save you time and headache and make your life infinitely easier and more efficient.

3. Portfolio Material – This new design could be used as a selling point for future customers, but it goes so much farther than that. When you are in a business such as swimming pool design and installation, it isn’t very feasible to build pools entirely for the purpose of marketing. You need to have funding from a customer to go ahead and construct something as large as a swimming pool. Because of this, each project you have successfully completed becomes your portfolio and your marketing campaign to future clients. If, however, you can create designs cheaply and quickly to represent what you can do, your marketing opportunities will explode.

With a 3D CAD designer, you can create a myriad of variations on projects you’ve completed to include in your portfolio. You may have never done a swimming pool with a hot tub incorporated into it, but you know that your business is capable of that. Well, then, why not create a schematic for one that you can include in your portfolio to advertise to potential clients. 

Then, when someone comes along who does want that, you’ll be able to sell yourself to them and get the business. This design process will basically already happen, as each client goes through their different iterations. A CAD software program will be able to easily and efficiently store all the new variations of the design so that you can advertise them in the future, and also so that you have previous design selections from which to choose for your next project. 

Having a living portfolio makes it so much easier to create new designs because all you have to do is make a few small adjustments to a design that you already have and it’s complete. A freelance professional CAD designer will be able to create countless designs for your business, both for actual projects and iterations, and for portfolio and marketing material to sell to your potential future clients.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits a freelance CAD designer can offer your company, how will they go about making your dream, and the many projects your business has to handle, into a reality? There are a variety of different software platforms to choose from, each with different benefits to make your project work. Let’s take a look at some of the common design choices that a CAD designer will work with.

The software used by architectural drafting services to create your swimming pool design

1. SolidWorks – SolidWorks is an extremely common CAD design software. This software product allows the user to create a solitary, three-dimensional product, separated in space from any other objects. It can be used to create a diagram of the entire space (such as a patio area surrounding the pool) or it can be used to effectively create a negative image of the final product so that you can see the space that will be occupied. 

This is a standard go-to tool for many 3D designers because it is intuitive and it allows for a very adaptable and manipulatable view of the design. You can scale it, rotate it, and much more with incredible ease when using SolidWorks, and it has the flexibility to create incredibly complex shapes. Another benefit of this software is that it’s compatible with the majority of 3D printers, so you will be able to print out designs for visualization purposes if you would like. 

Imagine the marketing capabilities you would have if you could walk into a meeting with a client with a fully-fledged, desktop version of the pool you’re planning to create for them, printed directly from the design that’s been created. On the other hand, it is not so much of an architectural tool as it is a product design tool, so your creation will be a solitary product, and it will require more work to outline the remainder of the landscaping and project around it if you wanted to present a comprehensive view.

2. AutoCAD – AutoCAD is another trusty go-to program. This program has the added benefit of being viewable by many programs, have “Lite” versions that are pared down for ease of use and economic considerations, and more. Using AutoCAD, your 3D designer will create an architectural rendering of the entire location, done with dimensions and layers to create an incredible vision of the space. 

You have the freedom to create simple two-dimensional views to see a bird’s eye image of the space or to extrude everything out and create a representation of what the entire design would look like in real life. These options are beneficial because you can vary between designs for the different needs – three-dimensional for marketing and showing to clients, and bird’s eye view for construction and architecture. 

Unfortunately, AutoCAD is not the most visually stunning of the different services. While you can incorporate more color and design into the drawing, AutoCAD was designed for architectural use primarily, so the drawings are far more informational than ornamental. These drawings, however, will be incredibly beneficial when you are actually building the final product for your customers – and that can’t be overstated. The end result will be your best marketing tool.

3. SketchUp – Google has offered a free 3D design program called SketchUp. It has some of the capabilities of SolidWorks and some of AutoCAD, giving you a free option that stands in something of a middle ground. You can create two-dimensional line drawings to outline the space and help you visualize a holistic view of the design. You can also create a scaled, three-dimensional model of the final product itself. This versatility obviously works well in your favor, but SketchUp is a stripped-down version of the other programs.

The 3D CAD designer you hire won’t have all the capabilities that would allow them to create a design as unique and stunning as some of the other programs, but it is free and it is relatively easy to use. If you choose to hire someone who uses SketchUp, you should know up front that it will be more limited, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still be an excellent design – and as a bonus, you can get a free version yourself and tweak or update aspects of the design they send you.

4. ArchiCAD – ArchiCAD is, as the name implies, an architectural software. ArchiCAD has similar features as AutoCAD, but it is designed for architectural use, which means it has some impressive extra features. This software package is created with design in mind, meaning that it incorporates the ability to create illustrative designs that show off the aesthetic look of your project. You will be able to add textures, finishes, and materials more easily than in the other aforementioned packages.

ArchiCAD is a very useful tool in the architectural design arsenal because it creates 3D designs in consecutive 2D layers to build up into a cohesive structure. In a swimming pool design scenario, this would allow you to showcase different levels and features in your pool design with relative ease, and would make for a clear and concise drawing that can easily be stratified to use as an architectural blueprint. Unfortunately, due to its complexity, it requires a higher level of skill, precision, and experience than some of the others, so you will be working with higher-end designers. While that is a great assurance of quality, the expense that comes along with it is more prohibitive as a result. Either way, though, this is a great alternative for future projects if you forego it in the short-term.

5. MicroStation – If ArchiCAD is the sleek, design-focused architectural software, then MicroStation is the rugged, architecturally-focused design software. MicroStation has the same capabilities as ArchiCAD, including the textures and bonus features, but MicroStation’s focus is much more on the architectural aspect of things. While they work in similar ways, MicroStation displays more of the schematic data and highlights important architectural features as opposed to automatically reverting to stylistic choices.

If the final product from ArchiCAD is too removed from the engineering and architecture world, MicroStation would be a better choice for you. It will show you the fancy materials and textures, but it will do it on a more austere background centered on the numbers and dimensions of your design. A MicroStation engineer will work in much the same way, scaling a product up in sections and layers to create a fully-realized 3D image for your presentation and blueprint needs, but it will be more stylistically appealing to an engineer than an interior designer. As with ArchiCAD, MicroStation is a more specialized design suite, so the experience and skills necessary will make it more expensive and prohibitive than some of the others. But with both of these software packages, finding someone who is capable of creating designs in them is well worth the time and money spent.

There are a myriad of options out there, and the five software packages covered here don’t begin to fully capture the different choices that are offered by a capable 3D CAD designer. If you need someone to create a visually impressive and architecturally accurate drawing for you, a freelance designer can offer you all the benefits with significantly less headache. 

The benefits of hiring a freelance 3D designer

Check out the offerings of Cad Crowd and see the variety of skills and software solutions available. You’ll be able to hand select the best designers and have them create amazing pieces of work for your swimming pool or landscaping design. Take a look at just a few of the many benefits that can be had by hiring a freelance 3D designer for your project.

1. Rapid Turnaround Time – With a freelancer, you’re working with an individual who gets paid by the project deadline. These designers are motivated and ready to complete your project as quickly as possible. If you have a project and need it completed within a certain time frame, freelance designers are typically your best option. An added benefit of working with freelancers, though, is that they will also work non-traditional hours. In addition to them being motivated to work diligently on your project, they may choose to work five twelve-hour days to get it completed quickly so they can take the following week off.

Their flexibility is a major benefit to your company because it means they will get your project done faster. With contracts waiting, a swimming pool construction company needs to have rapid turnaround times. So often, a customer wants to see a well-designed schematic before approving the purchase, so it’s imperative that you can produce one quickly. And then, with the possibility of numerous redesigns, either from changing customer desires, building requirements, or other factors beyond your control, the design process can be one of the major hindrances in your deadlines. Hire a freelance CAD designer and get it done fast.

2. Lower Costs – Working with a freelancer is a surefire way to keep your costs in control. If you’re dealing with hiring a full-time professional to add to your team and complete these projects, you will have to incur all the costs of salary, benefits, and space. This is extremely cumbersome and, often, can be a deal-breaker. You don’t want to incur the cost of a full salaried employee because you need drawings done for a project. Alternatively, you could learn the software yourself, but that could take months or more to get proficient enough to complete the designs, and by that time, you’d have missed your deadline anyways.

A freelance 3D CAD designer is a ready-to-use resource that can create your designs as needed, and rapidly. Better still, their prices are competitive and, when you’re working through Cad Crowd, you can compare them with others. Is a freelancer too expensive for your project? Find a cheaper one just as quickly. You can add the capability of an entire CAD design department to your company for clear and straightforward prices based on each project you plan to undertake. 

3. Flexibility – This is, obviously, tied pretty closely with rapid turnaround time, but there are added benefits of flexibility that a freelance designer can bring to your company. As a business that deals with a variety of customers and fluctuating demand, you may not be able to provide enough consistent work to hire a full-time engineer, even if you could afford it. It does you no good to have someone on a salary that is only doing significant work six months out of every year, although I don’t doubt they’d enjoy their job in that situation.

With a bevy of different freelancers available at your fingertips, you can select someone that is available immediately to work on a specific project, and there is no necessary commitment for anything else. That way, you can have the production while you have the work. In addition, if you have a dedicated CAD designer, you may only get a select few software skills from that individual. With a database full of different CAD designers, you can choose different freelancers for different skill sets that you need. If a client wants a more dynamic picture of their project, you can choose to hire someone with dozens of years of experience with ArchiCAD, but if another client simply needs a dimensional layout, choose a designer that is skilled in AutoCAD. Finally, you have the flexibility to hire multiple freelancers at a time.

If you suddenly find that you have too many jobs to handle at once, you can find several freelance designers to complete the design phase of your project concurrently. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to expand and tackle many more projects, as well as offering you a competitive advantage with the designs you can create.

Whatever the needs of your swimming pool and landscaping design company, Cad Crowd has a freelancer that can take your business to the next level. There are countless offerings of software suites that can do as much or as little as you need for projects of any complexity. The ease, cost-efficiency, and turnaround time that you can have from these designers will give you an incredible competitive advantage and will keep you ahead of the competition. Your business will be able to handle the exploding workload you will receive when you hire these freelance designers. Take a look through the database today to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

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