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I have 40 years of engineering design in aerospace, medical, toys, implants and more. More than half that career was as a software tools developer - including as a member of OnShape's modeling team.

I know OnShape better than other consultants for a simple reason - I wrote a lot of it.

There are better folks out there at 3D drafting of your designs, but not many better at developing complete products that meet your needs.

In case you fear my designs are too complex and expensive, my specialty is Red Neck Tech - I was trained by guys who did dirt cheap stuff and top fuel dragsters on their own dime for a hobby.

I am rebelling against plastering the www with selfies - it's a political statement.


  • CEO Founder Dark Sky Innovative Solutions · Full-time Feb 2020 – Present 4 yrs 5 mos Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines I founded Dark Sky to be a combination contract and independent R&D shop.

    When I'm not doing contract work for you to pay the bills, I'm focusing on projects I believe to be of benefit to the world and America.

    As Dark Sky grows, I plan to grow and expand it, while focusing on societal needs - such as renewable energy generation (ElectroFish), high performance structural materials, methods for rapid, low cost mold creation, advanced design software, automated fact checking and online fraud detection, local community ONLY online marketing etc.

    I am regularly asked about the name.

    I learned how to do 'bleeding edge,' complex system design form the best minds of their generation. We expected I would be designing advanced aircraft, ships, manned missions to other planets - but demand for those services more or less vanished like a game of musical chairs with me left standing.

    A few years ago I learned that one of my employers regarded my suggestions as 'too Blue Sky,' although they did end up using several of them after dismissing me. I considered those proposals as kiddie sandbox level compared to what I had been trained in.

    So, if that was too Blue Sky, then what I do must be up where the sky turns dark like outer space.

    Dark Sky Innovative Solutions (

    If you need help with the big stuff others won't touch, I _may_ be your guy. If I'm not I'll tell you so - I gain nothing from damaging my reputation with failures and dissatisfied customers.
  • Principal Software Developer OnShape · Full-time Mar 2014 – Jan 2017 2 yrs 10 mos Cambridge, MA, United States Member of the Modeling Team

    Responsible for:
    Direct Modeling,
    Drill Hole,
    Table lookup code for FeatureScript,
    Sketch text,
    Injection molding support,
    File import export,
    User load testing,
    Assembly design,
    Large model graphics,
    Sheet metal team,
    FeatureScript as a service business model
  • Lead Developer GeoMagic Freeform 3D Systems/GeoMagic/Sensable · Full-time Sep 2009 – Mar 2014 4 yrs 6 mos Wilmington, MA, United States Lead developer for GeoMagic FreeForm product line.
    FreeForm was developed and owned by Sensable Technologies which was acquired by GeoMagic which was acquired by 3D Systems. I held more or less the same position with all three companies.

    FreeForm was the CAD Powerhouse you've never heard of behind Mattel/FisherPrice, Swarovski, Wargames Workshop, Gillette, Converse, Nordic Ware, the US and Canadian mints and used for synthetic bone replacement at Walter Reed Army hospital and others.

    You probably don't know about it but you know about the products it's designed - the US state quarters, Gillette razors, Converse shoes, the entire Monster High, Barbie, my little Pony and Hot Wheels product lines.

    FreeForm designed more cars than all other CAD systems combined - just very small ones:)

    As lead developer I was also lead designer - I did the initial UI/UX and trial testing for major segments such as the SubD surface module. Many of my 'trial parts' ended up being used in our advertising because the designers didn't have anything better.

    I developed the SubD module, Voxel/triMesh to CAD conversion, mixed mode Booleans and the first CAD texturing modules now used by Solidworks and others.

    I also did exploratory research into 3D scan to print fashion shoes and clothing.
  • Project Manager DEKA Research and Development · Full-time May 1995 – May 1999 4 yrs Manchester, NH, United States Project manager in charge of electro-mechanical design and development on several medical devices including Baxter HomeChoice 2, Pfizer implanted medication delivery and bed side compounding systems.

    Much of the work was solo with occasional support from other specialists.

    Patent 6,▒▒▒,▒▒▒ awarded for immersible piezo benders

    Developed a miniature fluid regulator using 90% COTS parts capable of delivering fluids with 10 nano-liter accuracy.

    Redesigned Home Choice 2 to use adiabatic gas laws for volume measurement.
  • CEO Concurrent Engineering Tools, Inc. · Full-time May 1991 – May 1995 4 yrs Mesa, AZ, United States Founder and CO of CETI.

    CETI was started to migrate an internal McDonnell Douglas Helicopter CAD project into a commercial project. It's goals were similar to Solidworks which began about that time. It was targeted at complex, vehicle systems such as aircraft.

    MDHC funding did not arrive as expected and the company was closed.
  • Team Leader Radar Stealth McDonnell Douglas Helicopter · Full-time Nov 1984 – May 1991 6 yrs 6 mos Mesa, AZ, United States Deputy to VP of Eng and captain of LHX Red and Tiger teams
    Deputy to PM classified special project
    2 Corporate awards or outstanding IR&D projects
    Service award from US Army Chief of staff
    Consultant YF-23
    Member Golden Child Program for early upper management training.

    Lead design teams on two full scale, helicopter programs - one of which flew, the other with 1,000 staff. Reported directly to PM or VP in charge.

    Awarded internal patents for Radar Hotel Hub Cover, Chisel Tip rotor blade, Tiger Core RAS.

    Developed RCS and RAM software - some of which is still in use at Boeing today (RAMP.)

    Lead all lab and field testing efforts, often onsite.

    It was a very small team with huge projects. We all did 4 or 5 jobs.

    TS-SBI/SCI expired


  • Georgia Institute of Technology MS, Aerospace 1982 – 1984 Dual specialization in aero-elasticity and design.

    Not just the artistic side of design, although I got pretty good a drafting by hand, but the full engineering, systems integration aspect of design.

    Graduate design project was presented at the Helicopter Association Internationale conference. It was a tilt rotor, mobile surgical hospital and included systems analysis for regional base and crew locations and resulting response times for the continental USA and Puerto Rico.
  • georgia BACHELER OF ENGINEERING, Aerospace 1978 – 1982

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