We are a civil engineering studio "Krasteff and Aykoff Engineering" Ltd. We are situated in Bulgaria and we are engaged in the design of residential and administrative buildings. Our specialty is reinforced concrete structures.

The team consists of:
Dipl. Eng. Todor Krastev - 6 years as a civil engineer
Dipl. Eng. Kristian Aykov - 5 years as a civil engineer

We develop our projects using BIM modeling in REVIT environment .This helps us with project coordination, reduces the risk of errors, eases the workflow and reduces the amount of work. We can offer you:

-FULL 3D structural model of the building

-Reinforcement of structural elements in REVIT - slabs,stairs,wall and columns

-Structural shop drawings using both Revit and AutoCAD

-Full material take off - based on the model

-Statics and Dynamics using ETABS and ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS

Our company also offers consulting services in BIM design for structural engineers. We excel at using Dynamo based scripts to automate the process of the structural engineer and REVIT design.You can see my linkedin page for more references about dynamo scripts.

More information on the style of work and some of the projects we have worked on through the years can be found in our portfolio:



  • University of Architecture,Civil Engineering an Geodesy-Sofia Master of Engineering - MEng , Civil Engineering 2014 graduation