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I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate who is eager to embark on my professional journey. With a burning passion in creating innovative designs to solve real-world engineering problems to make the future more sustainable and thrilling, I desire to make what only deemed possible in science-fiction movies into a reality.

My academic endeavors have equipped me not just with knowledge, but with the mindset to iterate, improve, and innovate. My confidence also stems from tangible experiences, where I have collaborated hands-on with diverse teams, ranging from intimate trios to dynamic groups of ten. Together, we have translated client requirements and our ambition into intricate 3D CAD designs, coordinated procurement of core components, and contributed to root-cause analyses.

Whether enhancing an existing piece or pioneering entirely new solutions, I am committed to driving meaningful change. I am confident in my ability to seamlessly integrate and contribute to a team of adept mechanical engineers, propelling us toward our shared vision.


  • Mechanical Design Engineer & Technical Sales Intern E-VALUCON · Internship Jun 2021 – Sep 2021 3 mos Irvine, CA, United States - Leveraged CAD (SolidWorks) to design and analyze 3D files ensuring hardware compatibility and functionality.

    - Emphasized design for manufacturability using injection molding, die casting, and CNC.

    - Coordinated procurement of core components, emphasizing design for manufacturing and serviceability.

    - Conducted market analysis, showcasing my passion for details and ability to execute deep work.

    - Contributed to root-cause analyses, and implemented design fixes, ensuring product reliability.


  • University of California, Berkeley Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 2019 – 2023 Activities and Societies: Space Technologies And Rocketry (STAR), Volleyball, Korean Undergraduate Networking Association (KUNA), Association of Korean Artists (AKA)

Other experience

  • Material Characterization of 3D Printed Composites At Berkeley, I delved into the intricate realm of material science, focusing on the characterization of 3D printed composites. I spearheaded the testing of 3D-printed test specimens to discern their material properties and tensile strength. My research efforts concentrated on understanding composite strength models, leading to the manufacturing of the Onyx material, both in its raw form and when reinforced with carbon fiber. A pivotal finding from the project was the distinct behavior of Onyx with continuous carbon fiber - it exhibited a Young’s Modulus that was five times higher than its counterpart and had a notably brittle behavior.
  • RoboSprinter The RoboSprinter was a thrilling project at Berkeley. The primary objective was to engineer an exoskeleton structure capable of augmenting the sprinting capabilities of an average human being. A standout achievement was the creation of a highly efficient actuation system; boasting a peak power output of 1350 watts and an impressively low cost of $60, it outperformed competitors like the MIT Cheetah by being five times more cost-effective and powerful. My involvement extended to using SolidWorks for the exoskeleton's design, motion analysis, and the crucial task of testing the system's initial performance. The project is also making strides in the realm of control, with the onset of open loop control development.
  • Smartphone Gimbal During my time at Berkeley, I played a pivotal role in the design and production of an affordable yet high-quality smartphone gimbal. Priced at $52.76, this gimbal was developed to cater to the burgeoning market demand for smartphone-based content creation tools. My involvement in this project spanned from utilizing SolidWorks for detailed part designs and assembly to hands-on manufacturing processes like water-jetting and 3D printing. Another critical aspect of the project was ensuring precision, as evident from the created GD&T of parts, some of which had tight tolerances as close as ±0.0004 inches.
  • OmniDrone OmniDrone is a personal endeavor that I conceptualized and initiated a development of a multi-purpose drone. The primary applications for this drone span from FPV filming to product delivery, with a grander vision of scaling it up for public transportation in the future. One of the significant feats achieved in this project was leveraging topology optimization in SolidWorks, leading to a substantial 70% mass reduction of the drone while maintaining the requisite stiffness. As the project continues to evolve, I am deeply involved in strategizing its aerodynamics, ensuring seamless hardware integration, and exploring efficient manufacturability solutions. The next phase centers around design refinements which will be based on the feedback from real-time results.

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Berkeley, CA, United States