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56,125 / 81,339
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 Over 10 years experience in gas turbine engineering
 M.Sc. degree in aerospace engineering- aerodynamic field
 Proficiency in the use of software ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS ICEM, ANSYS CFX, Unigraphics (NX), ABAQUS, MATLAB, MINITAB and Microsoft Office
 Detailed technical knowledge of V94.2(5)/V84.2, MS9001E/MS7001E, GT26/GT24, GT13E2, DU80L and DG80L gas turbines
 Led multidisciplinary engineering team in different gas turbine technical projects
 High level of expertise in hot gas path inspections and gas turbine operations
 Technical knowledge of investment casting, machining and coating process of turbine blades
 Strong ability in liaising between manufacturing, sales, R&D and engineering departments
 Proven customer technical services for heavy duty and industrial gas turbines and also vendor documents review
 Highly skilled in gas turbine root cause failure analysis
 Well versed instructor of gas turbine training courses
 High level of skill in Aerodynamic design and analysis by turbomachinery CFD tools
 Proven skill in conjugate heat transfer by CFD tools for turbine blades and vanes
 Strong ability in turbomachinery structural analysis including stress, modal and life time prediction by FEM tools for high elevated temperature components
 Proven skill in frequency, airflow and moment weight measurement of turbine blades
 Goal driven and flexible to work well in a dynamic and fast paced environment both independently and interdependently
 Excellent communication and organization skills


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English Full professional proficiency


Tehran, Tehran, Iran