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When it comes to creating buildings and other structures, people usually assume that the process jumps from the design phase to the construction stage. What many don’t realize is that there’s usually one more phase in between these two: the structural drafting stage.

Structural drafting refers to the process of creating detailed and highly informative drawings based on the designs by the engineer and/or architect. These drawings are important because they instruct the construction foremen and workers on how to erect the building’s framework or support system. As a result, builders can turn the design into reality without the need for additional verbal explanations and with minimal human error. The drawings are also used in obtaining building permits and even setting up the budget for the project.

Structural plans highlight the structure and supports (including beams, columns, and trusses) that will be used to construct the building. The drawings show the types of materials that these parts will be made of as well as their sizes and dimensions. They also outline instructions on how these components would be attached to each other (e.g. using bolts and welding) and how their weight would be supported using footers and foundation systems. 

Structural drawings are important to the entire construction process, but it can’t be denied that creating them requires a substantial amount of time and money. Because of this, many engineers and architects opt to outsource this task to structural drafting freelancers. By taking this step, they can free up their schedule and have more time for other projects, while ensuring that their structural plans are being drawn up by skillful and experienced drafters who can do a great job.

Aside from the convenience and time savings it offers, hiring freelance structural drafting experts can result to reduced expenses. In many cases, it can help clients save up to one-third of the cost of getting the services of a traditional drafting firm. This is a huge help particularly for those who are still starting out in the business and/or are struggling to reduce their overheads.

If you’re one of those who need structural drafting freelancers, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Cad Crowd, we have a large network of experts who specialize in structural drafting and have worked on both small and big projects for clients in various industries. So, no matter what your requirements are and what the size of your project is, you have the assurance that our drafting technicians can complete the task on time and within your specified budget.

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