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Hello every one My name is shiva kumar i am from india... Done masters in mechanical engineering(CAD/CAE/CAM) Have been working as a Sr.Design engineer past 3 and half years,Deals with HVAC,Structural,Auto motive,Sheet metal,Weld ments,Piping,Design and analysis. In analysis side deals with Structural,fatigue,lifting,Stress,analysis by using Ansys software Solid Works Certified holder Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) Dassault Systèmes, License C-U8JNU8C5GQ CSWP Dassault Systèmes, License C-23G23GCJ6P
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I studied mechanical engineering in Turkey also continue to MD. Specialized in FEA (Structural, CFD and Fatigue also experienced in Multibody Dynamics) for 3 years. Also have CAD experience on Catia v5 for 5 years. I'm working in Turkey now and seeking for opportunities to work abroad permanently or temporarily.
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Leelakrishnan Ethira
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Hi. I am Leelakrishnan, completed my bachelor of engineering in Automobile and pursuing my masters in CAD/CAM. I am a person who live and die for design. I have experience of designing products for dental college, designed a complete Go-kart and much more. I can also give consultations about automotive product design.
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Design IYE
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Design Engineer with 3 Years of Experience on working on different Design softwares. Our main motive is to provide Customer satisfaction following the Time deadlines.
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I am a fresh graduate mechanical engineer. During my graduation years I felt attraction towards engineering designing which led me to pass my time with Solidworks during my free times. Eventually, I fell in love with this software as I spent more time with it. I love creating new objects which can serve new purposes. It gives me immense pleasure. I am a very fun loving persons. I love to explore and travel. But I am highly serious about my work. 100% satisfaction of the client is my motto. I can work hard and will work hard to gain full consent.
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Lord Lazator
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Edmonton Engineering Firm Certifications and Inspections Structural and Machine Design Failure Analysis Fire Investigation
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Illia C.
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