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Cad Crowd is the website where you can find the planet’s best talent for structural steel. It is our honor to connect you with freelance AISC expert that is capable of creating the ultimate design for your new product. We have designers that are tested, experienced and pre-qualified. That’s why we at Cad Crowd are sure that the final results you’ll receive will meet your expectations and match your needs. Take all the issues associated with online hiring out and use the assistance of professional AISC freelancers.

AISC or the American Institute of Steel Construction is a popular non-profit trade association and technical institute focused on the use of structural steel as an important part of the construction industry in the US. This institute is based in Chicago, Illinois. So, the basic objective of ASIC is to turn structural steel into a material of choice for modern buildings and structures. This institute supplies codes, specs, technical assistance, standardization, quality certification and market development for all its members.

Structural steel is a type of steel often utilized as a construction material for creating structural steel shapes. This kind of shape represents a profile made with the help of a special cross section and following specific standards related to mechanical characteristics and chemical composition.  Structural steel sizes, shapes, strengths, composition, storage activities and other similar things are closely regulated by AISC. 

Structural steel design services are used by steel fabricators, structural engineers, steel erectors, steel detailers, and construction companies too. In addition to this service, the professionals who have knowledge in this field also provide structural drafting services, structural steel detailing services, precast detailing services, rebar detailing services and various steel detailing services.  

Structural steel design provided by true professionals includes a complete structural steel detailing and design. The basic goal is to meet high service standards and help during this complex process. The best experts in this field have mastered the most popular software solutions for this activity including DESCON, STAADPRO, ROBOT and ETABS as well as REVIT, ACAD, TEKLA, and BOBCAD. This is a serious task that requires professional help from experienced freelancers.

The designers found at Cad Crowd will be glad to work with you at every stage of this complex design process. They will start with the initial assessment and analysis and they will end with a design review and by delivering the completed files. The steel structure services that we have mentioned before include a wide range of activities and what is important to know is that the designers at Cad Crowd can help clients with literally any of these activities.

The community at Cad Crowd includes thousands of CAD design professionals from every country in the world. Many of them know how to create structural steel design. What is even better is that you will get top quality at a reasonable price. Let us learn more about your future project. Our team will assess your needs and help you set a connection with the best freelancers available in the market. 


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Member Since: 2013-06-29
CAPABILITIES • Ideation • Concept Development • Facility layout initiation and co-ordination. • Client liaison for the purpose of collaborative design. • Design optimisation to incorporate value-adding criteria. • Application of mining and heavy industry experience. • Contribution of mining experience both underground and open cut operations including infrastructure and processing plants. • Experience with preparation of tender submissions, technical and financial evaluations. • Technical writing including operations and maintenance manuals, spare parts inventory and stores management systems equipment data sheets, technical specifications and design criteria. • Preparation of studies, reports and technical documents. • Management, project engineering, administration, procurement, planning and scheduling.
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Member Since: 2014-11-20
As you know my name is Greg Sheldon. But what you don't know is that I have a knack for efficiency and a passion for 3D Cad design using Solidworks. Plus! I work in the commercial and industrial markets doing real world design, of real working parts and assemblies every single day. With that said, it indicates I am capable of seeing potential problems before they arise. And I certainly don't have any problem discussing these issues with my clients and/or you. This is simply because its always better to catch the problem in design than having to recall a product down the road, which will ultimately cost everyone a bunch of money... So that's just barely scratching the surface about me, and I look forward to any future endeavor with you. Oh and I am a Canadian resident just outside Toronto Ontario, and speak excellent english.
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Studied Architectural Studies and Urban Planning at UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture in Milwaukee Wi (1982-1985). *Recipient of 2nd place in small scale architectural design competition sponsored by undisclosed wallpaper manufacturer retailer and the UWM school of architecture. *Certificate of study in Autocad, AutoLisp I and Autolisp II, 2000 *Certificate of study in Paragrafix Configurator Developer and Paraweb Developer by Quantara., 2001 *Winner Best Design, Snow snake contest, city of Sheboygan Winter Festival-1988 *1st place Architectural Drawing - Lakeshore Technical Institute, 1980 *2nd Place Architectural Model Building - 1st National Bank Design Competition, 1980 *1st Place Architectural Model Building - Lakeshore Technical Institute, 1980 *1 patent - Invention custom linkage arm to improve efficiency of generator rotation, 2014 *Best of Show Exhibit Design - The Display Shop/Vernet Paper Co./ADDY Awards - Designer Greg Krouse - 1988 *Featured Designer Illustrator; Exhibit/Display Manufacturers Expo; Las Vegas NV, Mero Systems Group
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Member Since: 2013-02-04
After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, I have got around 4.5 years of experience in engineering industry of which approximately 6 months in the field of Precast & Rebar Detailing and 3 years exclusively on Off-Shore Derrick structure & Pipe Supports detailing With TEKLA& PDMS, One year in the field of steel detailing. I have an exposure to the CAD software’s likes TEKLA ,PDMS and AutoCAD and a Basic knowledge of Mechanical Design Software’s like CATIA . I was involved in project co-ordination, detailing of Connection Design for Steel Structures, and checking of fabrication drawings. I have a considerable experience in detailing of Off-Shore Steel Structures, both PDMS Structures and TEKLA Structures and have a fair understanding about the fabrication requirements. I also have a good understanding of the 3D Model for the detailing of the structures.
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