I am working with the Steel & Rebar detailing firm since June2008 handling Commercial, Industrial, Piping & Ducting projects per AISC, EURO, CISC, Australian & Brazilian codes. Work Profile: Steel Detailing (Structural Drafting) 1) Computer Aided Checking, Modelling and Detailing in SDS/2, Tekla, Autocad, Solidworks, Strucad, Revit(Structure and Architecture). 2) Preparation of Detailed Fabrication drawings per AISC, EURO, CISC, Australian & Brazilian codes for structural members like Beams, Columns, Frames, Braces, Stairs, Handrails, Ladders, Vertical & Horizontal Braces, Girts, Joist & Deck, Platework Detailing, Equipment Detailing, Piping Engineering, Ducting & Trusses & Miscellaneous for Fabrication. 3) Required to create Erection plan, Anchor Bolt Setting Plan, Section Views & Other related work. 4) After the preparation of the drawing Self checking, Co-ordination with the Client Team for any final changes per the Structural Stability & Feasibility and finally uploading of the Fabrication drawings on the FTP. 5) After completing modifications & correction if needed, require to prepare PDF file for final Submission. 6) Conversion of final files into DXF, CNC & PDF format for Uploading on the Specific FTP. 7) Tracking of the Fabrication Drawings & Revisions after uploading for the further changes needed on demand by the Client. Work Profile: Rebar Detailing (Reinforcement Drafting) Rebar Detailing:- Designed to exceed the needs of rebar detailers, fabricators, placers, and engineers, aSa CAD/Detailing combines the engineering design tools of Bentley Systems’ top-rated CAD product, MicroStation®, with aSa-developed applications for project management and detailing. Additionally, the system seamlessly integrates with all other modules in aSa’s suite of rebar software products. Using aSa and MicroStation tools, you’ll detail as you draw in CAD, ensuring accurate bar placement and eliminating tedious calculations. The program automates every aspect of the detailing process, from initial project setup, to creating the drawing, producing accurate bar details, and advanced reporting. Material takeoff is also completely automated, so you’ll never forget or duplicate material to be fabricated. Reduce shortages & errors Built-in calculations and error-checking help prevent mistakes. The system tracks and color-codes each item, so you always know what is taken-off and what remains International Code Specifications used for rebar detailing are: • ACI 318 (USA) • BS8666:2000 (United Kingdom) • AS3600 (Australia) • NZS3101 (New Zealand) • Fabricator specific rebar code Bar Shape attributes include following features: • Automatic shape detection • Bar scheduling lengths • Bar coding methods (per drawing, member, layer or shape) • Bar revisions • Rebar shop calculations • Import/export of bar charts from various DGN files • Bar shape standards • Fabricator specific Bar shape standards One of our Team Leader is been Awarded for the most Outstanding design for Olympic Stadium which is going to be hosted in UK(2012). Products: To provide drawings satisfying different terms described as below: * Retaining Walls * Concrete joint and Slab Details * Cross Section Details of Beams and Columns * Roof Truss and Joints Details * Shallow, Raft and pile Foundation Details * Welded, Riveted or Bolted Steel connection details Equipment aSa software automates many rebar shearlines and off-coil machines in use today. When items are processed by aSa Production software, the system automatically creates machine-readable instructions. These instructions can be downloaded to shop equipment via network or diskette. Or if the machine has a connected hand scanner, the instructions can be output as 2D bar codes directly on the item bundle tags. By eliminating operator entry, this automation saves production time and greatly reduces the chance for human error. aSa currently interfaces with the following equipment: * aSa Opto-Shear Console * EVG Polybend * KRB BCD * KRB Durabend * KRB Magnabend * KRB Rotary Fabmatic * KRB Straight Cut * KRB Versaform * MEP Concept 91 * MEP Syntax 25 * MEP System S * RMS Bender * RMS Shear Console * Schnell Barwiser * Schnell Coil 14 * Schnell Coil 18 * Schnell Coil 20 * Schnell Eura * Schnell Eura 16 * Schnell Formula * Schnell Prima * Schnell Pull-line * Schnell Robomaster * Stema Steelmaster Rebar Finance aSa Rebar Financials is a complete accounting package designed to serve the unique needs of reinforcing steel fabrication companies. Rebar accounting tools, developed by aSa, are built into the powerful framework of Sage MAS 500 business software suite. Every business-related task you perform — from customer and job setup, to shipping, billing, cash receipts, inventory, and GL accounting — is completely automated and integrated. *Use one software suite for all of your rebar and accounting needs With aSa, you’re completely integrated. Accounting tasks, such as relieving inventory and tracking contract progress, happen automatically based on engineering and production processes. *Track your contracts automatically aSa compares estimated, shipped, and billed dollar and quantity values, allowing reports to show you up-to-the-minute job progress. *Handle walk-in orders with ease When a customer requests material, one simple application is all you need to process an order. Within minutes, you can print the order, a bar list, the tags, bill of lading, and invoice. *Manage the inventory you supply Inventory applications are specially designed to handle rebar, including automatic conversions among pieces, lengths, weights, and hundred-weight values. The system also handles mesh and other concrete reinforcing accessories. *Eliminate repetitive data entry When you set up a customer or job in Rebar Financials, the background and engineering defaults that you define are automatically available for Bar List, CAD/Detailing, and Production applications. A financial solution to meet your needs. aSa offers two versions of its powerful Rebar Financials package: the base package is designed for companies that supply primarily fabricated rebar and other concrete accessories; the Inventory Management package is a better solution for companies with advanced distribution needs, such as dual-role rebar fabricators/construction material suppliers. Click here for a comparison. Bundle Inventory aSa Bundle Inventory tracks on-hand stock and remnant material by combining the portability and convenience of a hand scanner with the power of database-driven information storage. When a mill bundle is opened, simply scan its stock tag for real-time inventory relief. The system also simplifies material receipts, remnant tracking, and book to physical reconciliations. Additionally, flexible reports show you the quantity, location, and value of your on-hand material. * Eliminate tedious inventory tracking The entire process is automated using bar code scanning technology. To relieve inventory, simply scan the bundle’s inventory tag. * Order stock and plan production with ease Knowing exactly what material you have on-hand, and where it is in your shop, helps you make quicker smarter production and material purchasing decisions. * Scan and store mill certificates Mill certs — in any electronic file format — can be attached to heat information within aSa software when material is received. * Automate book to physical Reconciliations Book to physical procedures are as simple as scanning your on-hand inventory tags and validating the quantity displayed on the scanner. * Manage heat information Enter heat information when material is received. When used in conjunction with Material Tracking, Bundle Inventory automatically associates the heat number to the produced items. * Manage all of your inventory Print stock tags and track on-hand quantities of mesh, bar supports, and other accessory items in addition to your rebar. aSa Bundle Inventory Rebar Software Material Tracking aSa Material Tracking uses bar code scanning technology to record every step of the fabrication process, including the date and time of each operation and the persons responsible for all stages of producing and shipping an item. This real-time record gives you an extra level of quality assurance in the shop. Plus, it provides up-to-the-minute progress tracking and shipping status for every item that you produce. * Eliminate material flow problems The system warns the shop crew when an item is loaded onto the wrong trailer, or when a straight item that should have been bent is about to be shipped. * Answer field questions in a instant When the installation crew calls about a problem or missing bundle, a simple on-screen inquiry gives you the answers you need immediately, even directly from within an aSa CAD drawing. * Track productivity levels By reporting the employee, machine, and time associated with each step of the fabrication process, you can pinpoint problem areas to more easily make shop improvements. * Integrate all of your production processes Material Tracking, combined with aSa’s Scheduling and Production modules, gives you all the information you need to efficiently plan, execute, and follow up on material fabrication and delivery. * Track material based on the unique needs of your shop The program is extremely flexible. It is designed to incorporate specific equipment and shop environment settings that you define. * Manage and track heat numbers When combined with Bundle Inventory, the system can automatically assign the correct heat number to each fabricated item. aSa Material Tracking Rebar Software Schedule The ability to exceed your customers’ expectations and keep your rebar shop running smoothly hinges on effective scheduling of material production and delivery. Designed to aid production managers and project coordinators, aSa Scheduling integrates with other aSa modules to help you easily assign fabrication date, delivery date, and shipping trailer for each order that you produce. The system’s easy-to-use interface lets you drag and drop orders onto the desired dates. Advanced reports give your shop crew clear plans for each day’s fabrication. * Make informed planning decisions Material breakdowns by bar size and bending classification give you a snapshot of what machinery will be used in a given day, helping you to make decisions about manpower and equipment assignment. * Get the right material on the right trucks In addition to assigning fabrication and delivery dates, aSa Scheduling lets you specify which orders are to be shipped on which trailers, reducing the chance of shop and delivery errors. * Know instantly whether you’ve reached your production capacity Based on shop-specific capacities that you define, each scheduled date is color-coded according to whether you are below, at, or over capacity. * No more scheduling with whiteboards and calculators aSa lets you do all of your scheduling on the computer with easy drag-and-drop tools, allowing the schedule to be viewed from any computer in your office. aSa Scheduling Rebar Software Estimation aSa Estimating allows you to take off directly from a set of printed or electronic plans to the computer keyboard – no transcribing to and from paper, no manual calculations. All entries are checked for errors and converted to pieces, lengths, and weights automatically as they are entered. Reports organize, summarize, and price material so you can quickly submit a successful bid. Pricing and other defaults are controlled by you; the estimate screen and reports can be structured to satisfy both the estimator’s needs and the bid requirements. * Estimate rebar faster Take off by structure, rather than one bar at a time. Automatically calculates standard hooks and laps. * Eliminate tedious calculations The program automatically calculates material required for common structure types, such as linear, rectangular, and circular areas, varying bars; tie configurations; galloping stirrups; and spirals. Plus, you can create your own formulas to handle other structures. * Be more accurate Each entry is checked for errors as it is entered. Calculated lengths and weights are displayed for visual verification. * Get organized Group your estimate into sections by bid item or by structures, such as foundations, walls, and footings. * Calculate estimate placing labor Based on estimate summary information and settings that you define, the program will automatically calculate man-hours and costing associated with installation labor. aSa Rebar Estimating Bar list Designed for both rebar detailers and order entry personnel, aSa Bar List encompasses two main components. The first is an interactive input screen, used to enter rebar, plain round steel, mesh, and other miscellaneous products. Built-in error-checking, advanced editing features, and automatic engineering calculations make listing material fast and simple. The second component is a powerful reporting tool. From a single list of material, you can generate a wealth of comprehensive, professional documents, including a Placing List, a Bend Detail, and the Bar List Report — a sorted, accumulated, weighed list of material with totals for each grade, coating, and bar size (diameter). * List material faster and with greater accuracy Time-saving features and built-in error-checking help you create mistake-free material lists faster. * Never enter the same information twice Previously entered customer and job information is automatically available to Bar List. Bar List Split, Get Bar List Data, and Save As tools allow you to easily move and copy takeoff from one list to another. * Eliminate hand-drawn shapes All industry standard shapes are built into the system, plus you can draw and define your own custom "special" bends using aSa Shape Manager. Shape illustrations automatically display on tags and reports. * Automate all calculations Quantities, hook lengths, slope dimensions, and radius dimensions are automatically calculated and filled in for you — even for user-defined shapes. * Generate multiple reports from a single source Enter details once. A multitude of management, fabrication, and placing reports are generated from a single material list. * Keep office, shop, and field crews informed Messages and special notations entered in Bar List allow you to communicate effectively via aSa-generated reports.


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