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Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC

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Ancil Alex

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poch bets

poch bets

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Rebar Detailing

Do you need help from true rebar detailing experts? Look no further because Cad Crowd has you covered. We will be glad to help you start a connection with freelance rebar detailing specialists ready to create the ultimate design for your product. Every designer found on our website is tested thoroughly, pre-trained, pre-qualified and experience. Their expertise and knowledge should assure you that your project will be finished in the right way and in a timely manner. Avoid the problems that may occur when you are hiring online and stick to the professional rebar detailing freelancers found on Cad Crowd.

Rebar Detailing is a specific discipline that involves preparation of so-called shop/placing drawings as well as shop drawings of steel reinforcement used in the process of construction. Engineers and architects, create Design Drawings and these drawings develop needed strengths by using rebar size, location, spacing and lap of steel. On the other hand, shop/placing drawings use the intent of the design drawings for the ordinary ironworker. These drawings are focused on the placement, quantity, bending shapes with adequate dimensions, description, and laps of the reinforcing steel. There are different applications that these professionals use to create bar bending schedules. These schedules can be placed directly into any CNC machine that can bend and cut the rebar and produce the required shape.

Rebar detailing includes the fabrication of these bars which are later scheduled. In addition, they are indicating the placing/fixing sequence too. The final result is the addition of elements needed to support these bars during the process of construction. So, shop/placing drawings are delivered to architects and engineers for a final review of compliance with actual design drawings. After they are finished, the construction process can continue.   

Rebar detailing is assigned to different categories of professionals. Some companies have big in-house teams, while others are using the services of rebar detailing companies. In the recent period, more and more people are looking for rebar detailing freelancers because outsourcing this activity has proven to be an effective move. Of course, this is true only if you find a good expert in this field. This is where Cad Crowd comes into play. 

At Cad Crowd, we have designers that are ready to work with every client. They will go through this process together with the client by providing explanations and regular updates. These professionals will inform clients about every stage of this process. Rebar detailing is a complex activity which includes different methods and approaches. It is also used in different areas. The main point is that our experts are experienced in all these areas.

The community found at Cad Crowd includes thousands of design and engineering specialists from different parts of the world. Cad Crowd creates solid connections between clients and the finest freelancers currently available in the market. The rebar detailing services they are providing come at very competitive prices. Send us information about your project and we will provide suggestions for the best freelancers for the job. 


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