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Thermomechanical Analysis

Thermomechanical Analysis is a commonly used method that is employed when the thermal properties of a polymeric material needs to be determined. It employs minimal force and stays within a set range of temperatures in order to determine a wide range of an item's mechanical and thermal properties, including thermal expansion. A lot of the time, TMA takes the linear coefficient of an instance of thermal expansion to find a change in material structures and properties. It is a process that is simple to do by those who understand how to do it, but learning this process can be trying and time consuming if you don't. For this reason, working with thermomechanical analysis freelancers at Cad Crowd will be your best bet to save time and money.

In thermomechanical analysis, a small piece of polymer material is heated up on a platform made out of quartz. A rod is used to put a bit of pressure onto the material. While the piece of material starts to get warmer, the material will begin to expand. As it expands, the rod will change positions. The data is then reported as the dimensional change of materials over different temperatures and the largest of these milestones are then recorded and analyzed further.

Thermomechanical analysis can be used for a wide variety of reasons and applications. Some of the most common uses of this process are material classification, research and development and investigative chemistry. Not only does thermomechanical analysis look at the coefficient of the material's thermal expansion, it can also indicate things such as melting temperature, glass transition temperature, any changes in its crystalline phase and a wide number of other unique characteristics that this procedure can find most accurately. It can be used on almost any polymer material but the procedure is most commonly used on samples that have a high coefficient of thermal expansion.

There are three levels of applying force to get to this expansion. They are static force, wherein the force that is applied is constant; dynamic force, where the force gets changed depending on the stress levels that occur; and finally, modulated force, where the force gets altered consistently with both a change in amplitude and frequency. The freelance thermomechanical analysis experts at Cad Crowd will use the correct style depending on your project's unique needs.

With the thermomechanical analysis freelancers at Cad Crowd, you can be sure that you will get the analyzation you need before your set deadline is up and while still being within the budget. You can stay in touch with your freelancer during the process to keep up to date and understand what it is occurring. Each project has its own needs, and each freelancer at Cad Crowd has been vetted to ensure they are equipped to handle it for you. If you want to get started, contact us for a free price estimation and begin perusing profiles to find which freelancer's work impresses you the most.


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