I’m a student of architecture. But that doesn’t mean that I don't have much experience;
I already have 2 years of experience in this kind of work, besides my school projects.

My 2 highlights are that I was hired a junior draftsman after I completed my internship at that company. My main responsibilities were: Making 3D models and renders for our clients. Making estimates and making working-drawings, Detail drawings, and more CAD related drawings.

This granted me my second highlight: The opportunity to work on an international internship, which I’m currently doing now.

Thanks through all the experience I already have, and the fact that I got promoted that quickly makes me a perfect candidate to help you with your AutoCAD related projects, 3D models of buildings and renders, photoshop and environmental calculations


  • Nova College Bachelor of Architecture, Architecture 2020 graduation

Age: 24

Joined: October 4, 2018


Aalsmeer, Noord-Holland, Netherlands