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3D models and additive manufacturing have become invaluable tools in architecture and real estate. With the help of our leading network of expert 3D designers, you can create virtual models, floor plans, and even 3D print an entire scale model of your project. With reliable 3D modeling, you can get a realistic feel for your design early in the development process, and you can use virtual fly-throughs and scale models to drive up investment in your project.

Take advantage of cutting-edge additive manufacturing and 3D modeling technology to build an entirely unique home. Our expert architects, designers, and modelers provide custom designing services to create working drawings and models of your new home, or they can work with you from existing plans to create a 3D model.  With 3D printing, you can model everything from elevation and landscape features to furnishings and even interior design features and coloring. You can even design custom furniture for the home and have that 3D printed, too!

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3D Printing and Architecture

Our global network of design experts works in everything from contemporary house plans, cottages, and garages to industrial developments and luxury estates. No project is too big or too small. 3D printed and virtual models help clients and architects visualize the design, and to develop a functional understanding of the landscape and the planned structure. Avoid costly mistakes by identifying problems before construction begins, and ensure 100% satisfaction in the final result!

Our global network of CAD design professionals includes engineers, architects, drafting technicians, and designers. We set ourselves apart from conventional home design companies by offering a comprehensive range of services in one accessible package. Whatever the complexity and specific requirements of your design project, our experts are ready to help.

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