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Last updated: Feb 28, 2024

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FAQ for Hiring Kinematics Design Professionals

A branch of classical mechanics, kinematics describe the analysis of the geometry of motion of one or more mechanisms or machines. A simple example is the study of the motion of a lever on a wedge. One end transfers input motion, while the other end transfers output motion. If two levers are connected by a joint, it will create a scissor that will produce a cutting motion at the output end, when the mechanical work from one end is transported. 

In astrophysics, kinematics is used to describe motions and collections of celestial bodies. In robotics, mechanical engineering, and biomechanics, it is used to describe the motion system that is made up of a number of joined parts. 

Kinematics also helps ensure that a particular motion produces the desired result. It helps provide insights to movement-related questions. If a slider crank, for example, oscillates at a particular speed and frequency, at which position will it stop? The answer will depend on the angular velocity and lengths of the crank, and the coupler used. 

Motion is described by kinematic quantities that are measured through kinematic analysis. Applied in engineering, kinematics analysis can be used to design a mechanism that is capable of a wide range of motion. These mechanisms can be used to create an entire machine. 

Kinematic mechanisms are often considered the bones of modern technologies. They are found in aircrafts, automobiles, robots, satellites and consumer electronics. This underlines the importance of kinematics design in today’s modern world. Without the study of motion, it will be difficult to determine the position of one component of a mechanical system relative to another. 

Do you need help with Kinematics mechanisms, analysis and synthesis? 

Cad Crowd has a community of kinematics design freelancers that can help you complete your project accurately and with little to no glitches. Our team of freelance kinematics design professionals come from different industries, such as mechanical engineering, automotive and aircraft. 

They have worked and completed projects in the past that require kinematics analysis and synthesis, including robotics and automotive design, making them more than capable of providing kinematics design services. 

What Cad Crowd does is to connect you with vetted and pre-qualified kinematics design freelancers, so you’re guaranteed to hire someone who meets your needs and project requirements. Rest assured: our freelancers are not only well-versed in kinematics design, but also with other skills related to it. These include Cable Harness drawing, FEA and FEA Analysis, Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, Plastic Engineering, CAD Drafting and 3D Modeling and Printing. 

They are also familiar with software related to Kinematics Design, including CATIA, PTC Creo Parametric, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Abaqus, AMEsim, Automation Studio, and Solid Edge SolidWorks. 

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